Weekly Fiery Creek, 16/10/2016

This week in the news:

Not much going on in town

Not much has happened this week in town. We are getting seriously worried that whatever is coming is going to be HUGE. Brace yourselves for whatever is coming.

The week can be pretty much summarized to the following:

  • Laurel Lewis gets freedom without charges. Amanda Alexander’s case seems to advance towards a resolution.
  • Red fire explosions in the Forbidden District, rising from the white fire that had already engulfed the whole district. Vee has informed us that the red fire is the result of the anti-monster defensive system that Mamma Luca and him set up before they got imprisoned.
  • Vee has proposed that the Town Hall reallocates back to its original location in the Caliph’s Palace, which is now empty and usable. Most people agree that this is a reasonable course of action.
  • One of the Doris clones apparently died, but there are still a couple running around town, so not much to say about that either.

Seeing this, there is only one thing to say: get ready for some atrocities of incredible dimensions. The peace won’t last long. It never does.


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