Neighbours of Fiery Creek, 13/10/2016

This is a public space to send messages to neighbours, to strengthen our community bonds and resolving our disputes. No form of violent comments will be tolerated, so refrain from sending them to this forum. Thank you.

From D4. Dear neighbours, this is an emergency. A call for help. I am being followed around town, and I have an ominous feeling about it. I think someone is attempting to murder me. Please, help.

From Alex. What’s going on, @Doris? Have you called @police_official_for_realz_this_time_2?

From police_official_for_realz_this_time_2. We are onto you, @D4. What’s your exact location?

From D4. I’m hiding in the ruins of my home. I think I have managed to lose them, @police_official_for_realz_this_time_2.

From Sean. @Alex what’s going on?

From Alex. Apparently Doris is being followed by someone, police is onto it, @Sean.

From police_official_for_realz_this_time_2. @D4, stay there, we have sent a patrol to get you.

From Liza. @D4, I’m going back home, I can zee ze car zpeeding to our ztreet!

From D4. It’s taking too long! She is approaching! Tell them to drive fast, @police_official_for_realz_this_time_2!

From Alex. Hide in the tunnels, @D4! Don’t stay there!

From Frank. Holy shit, Doris is gonna get killed before these assholes ever get there! Seems like you are going to have to go pick up her corpse and do the legal procedures, @Eleanor.

-> Liked by Ryan.

From Eleanor. It’s not funny, @Frank.

From Eleanor. Also, how are you writing here, @Frank? Your hooves shouldn’t let you!

From D4. I can’t hear the siren, @police_official_for_realz_this_time_2. Are you sure they had the right direction?

From police_official_for_realz_this_time_2. We’ve sent them to Sinno street in the Petunia district.

From Liza. Ze car haz exploded! I’m taking care of ze injured agentz.

From Alex. @D4, is everything OK?

From D4. She is coming. I have no escape! Hel

From Frank. Yeah, I think whoever was following her got her for real.

The account @D4 has been deleted because it’s user has deceased.

From Frank. There you go.


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