The Council’s Epic Adventure through the Universe 1: Onto Strange Lands

Another week has gone by, and the spaceship keeps traveling through space. It has kindly informed us – after Amelia Beyer had banged against the computer several times with her wheelchair – that we have exited our home universe and entered universe D449-S3F45-2Q87I, where we are going to stay now that all exits from that universe have been locked completely. Also, the computer has started to play Call me maybe in an infinite loop to punish us. This sucks.

We have observed that we are approaching a galaxy somewhere in this universe, and the computer has told us that we need to stop in a few planets in this galaxy, to pick up some stuff and run some errands for the owner of the spaceship. When we have insisted that the Council of Fiery Creek owns the spaceship and thus it has to obey us, it has told us that, even though the Council has been using the spaceship as an office, at no time did it ever buy the property, and thus it belongs to the original builder. Who this original builder might be, we still don’t know.

Yet apparently the machine is not going to do all of the hard work itself, but it’s going to have us work. It has allocated rooms for each of us, and even had wardrobes with clothes and equipment that fit each of us perfectly. This could sound like a coincidence, but they even had a spacesuit for William Sato – tailored to the size of a shiba inu dog -, and some add-ons for Amelia’s wheelchair. We didn’t know that Town Hall had such equipment, and there is no record that any Council member or Town Mayor has ever ordered any of these.

God, that music does get annoying after you’ve listened to it for the 743rd time. We’ll inform you whenever there are any news.


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