History of Fiery Creek 21: The Attack

Diane was running through the town, her eyes violet, ordering everyone in town to go towards the Orchard. She run uphill towards the Caliph’s Palace, and she looked at Fiery Creek trying to sense all of the lives that were there, completely unaware of the danger that was coming towards them. She spoke a spell, and several thousands of violet rays dispersed towards every living being, giving them the same order. She then called for San and ran into the Palace. Erin would know what to do with those people.

Ba’al, Mary and Alba Luca were having yet another meeting with Odin, who had ‘got lost’ once again in his way to Asgard. Diane did not wait for them to be finished, and just ran into the meeting, gasping. Everyone turned towards her.

“Diane, what’s going on?” Ba’al asked.

“A great threat… an attack of town” she said.

“We have to evacuate everyone!” Alba Luca bolted up to her feet.

“I’ve taken care of that. Erin, John and Stefano will help them all into the Library City” Diane explained.

“Merlin is having a meeting with the Witches, I’ll send him a message” Mary Clark said as she wrote something into a paper. She then folded it into a paper airplane, enchanted it and sent it out of the nearest window. “Do you have any clues about where the attack is going to happen?”

“Wherever the greatest concentration of people is” Diane explained. “We should go to the Orchard, and when everyone has been evacuated, go somewhere else”.

Mary turned towards Odin. “I’m sorry that we are being so rude, it’s just that an emergency is happening and…”

Odin smiled. “I understand. I will assist you with any issues that you might have, it’s only fair after you have greeted me so kindly all of these times”.

“You don’t need to…”

“I insist” Odin made an even broader smile, summoning his spear into his hand.

Mary smiled. “Thank you”.

San had already arrived to the Caliph’s Palace, so Diane mounted and they all headed to the Orchard, where John and Stefano were organizing the citizens. Mary run towards Stefano, in the entrance to the Library, pushing a few people aside. The people there had all been hijacked by Diane, and were not conscious of what was going on. Mary grabbed a paper airplane that came towards her as she got to Stefano.

“Stefano! Where is Erin?”

Stefano turned towards Mary and his mother. “Mary! Mom! Diane warned us about the emergency. Erin is taking everyone to the Library City dimension. They are not safe here”.

“Let us help you organize these people” Ba’al said.

Mary read the message that she had received. “Merlin is coming. The Witches are coming with him”.

They started to organize everyone, and soon Merlin and the Witches had arrived, led by Isobel Paris. With everyone’s help, the citizens had all been evacuated into the Library City dimension. Erin and John stayed inside to protect them all in case the danger might arrive. Ba’al and Alba Luca were having a fight with their respective children, insisting that they should stay inside. When Alba got angry she only spoke in Italian.

“You can’t stay outside, it’s too dangerous! Also, you’ve already spent a lot of your energy evacuating everyone! I’m very proud of you, but you need to take a break now” Ba’al stated.

“That’s not the point, dad. I’m the only one who knows about this danger. I’ve been getting ready for this for the last six years!”

“What? I don’t care about any of that. I am your father, and you have to obey!” Ba’al was red with anger.

“Like hell I will! You can’t make me stay here” Diane defied him.

“You…” Ba’al sighed. “Do whatever you want to, as you always do”.

“I will”.

The Italians came to a similar conclusion. Alba Luca was not very happy either, and cursed in Italian. They all gathered next to the Sacred Lemon Tree, though the Witches stayed a few steps behind, without participating, observing the rest.

“What now?” Merlin asked.

“Let’s go to The Cactus” Mary Clark proposed. “It will help us”.

They were a small group: Mary Clark, Ba’al, Diane, Alba Luca, Stefano, Merlin, Odin and the 10 most powerful Witches, including Isobel Paris, were the only ones who prepared for the fight. The Cactus greeted them with a small bow of its head. Mary bowed back. They were all waiting in silence.

Odin looked around. “OK, so now what?”

A blast of light hit him from the back, throwing him away. A silhouette appeared where Odin had been standing, engulfed in a white aura of powerful energy. Diane was the first to react, as she had been ready for that moment. Her eyes shining with a violet light, she took hold of The Cactus, Ba’al and Alba Luca, and used their powers.

The Cactus punched the figure from the top, and the man that was materializing held the power as the floor crumbled below him. Ba’al restrained him with plants, while Alba Luca held him with raw magic power. He was fighting against all three of them at the same time.

“Restrain him!” Diane shouted to the rest.

Mary, Stefano and Merlin soon joined with additional spells, and Odin stood up and held Gungnir against the enemy. In the meantime, Diane started to speak a spell, with violet runes and magic circles appearing around him. She was casting the spell as quickly as she could, but it was a complex spell, and before she could finish it, the being freed himself from the restraints.

He threw a blast of raw power against Diane, who had just realized that the spell had been broken. Mary Clark jumped in the way, holding her machete up, and took the most of the attack’s force. Odin, Ba’al and Stefano were thrown back with similar attacks. Alba Luca and The Cactus stood, fighting with all they had.

The Cactus threw another punch against him, but he stopped it with one hand. Mary stood up, leaning onto her machete, trying to fight once again, but her injuries wouldn’t let her fight. She saw the current of energy that he sent through the plant, and she also saw The Cactus dissolving as a consequence of the attack. The Cactus had been killed.

Alba Luca stood alone against the powerful being. She saw The Cactus die, which caused an impression, and then she saw her son, on the floor, injured from the attack he had received. Her eyes went completely black as she unleashed her full force against him. He clenched his teeth and started to fight her.

Diane and Mary saw them, fighting at the same level, black and white energies clashing in the daylight. The waves of destruction were the greatest that had ever been seen, and reality itself was torn in the fight. The energy traveled through those cracks into other realities, and Diane saw galaxies and even whole universes get destroyed in the fight. It was truly terrifying.

But there was a difference in power. They might be at the same level, yet he had had the upper hand during the whole fight. As the fight dragged on, his advantage became more and more apparent, and though his power had almost been exhausted, hers had already been depleted.

And he won the fight.

Alba Luca fell to the ground, half dead. The being used the rest of its energy to disappear from sight. They had been overwhelmed. Mary could not move from the position she had been watching the fight, and from there she saw what came next. The Witches, who had not moved at all during the fight, advanced between the injured, and surrounded a body.

They took Stefano Luca and left, leaving the rest right there. Mary tried to shout, but she couldn’t. She saw how they dragged him away.


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