Important Sites of Fiery Creek 20: Anna’s Patchwork Shop

ANNOUNCEMENT: this is the 20th issue of this series, after which we are going to go on a short hiatus. Other sections will fill out for this one in that period of time, but don’t fret. We will soon be back to offer you all of the information about the weirdest, most important and most interesting places in town.

But today, we are going to talk about Anna’s Patchwork Shop. This is the only normal place in town, with the only normal people. You might ask: how is this even possible? And some people will probably answer that it’s like the yin and the yang, that in all normal places there is an extremely abnormal thing, and that in all extremely abnormal places there is a perfectly normal thing. But this is total bullshit.

The reality is that Anna’s Patchwork Shop is here due to a horrible magic incident (which, to be fair, applies to most stuff in this town. It is here due to some magic incident that hasn’t had very god consequences). Let’s try to rebuild the whole process of how Anna’s Patchwork Shop got here.

The Shop is located in Faustino Salaberria Street, better known as Metalhead Street by the locals. The nickname of the street started as quite a curious phenomenon in itself. A completely normal bar called The Metal Head opened in the street. The name attracted metalheads to the place, who thought that they would be able to hear to their favourite metal bands in that bar, but found a normal bar instead. With time, several metalheads saw the opportunity to start metal music oriented businesses in that street, and soon there were music shops, t-shirt shops and bars were metal music was the main theme. Due to this, the street came to be known as Metalhead Street.

Understanding this, it’s easy to know what happened next. A metalhead event had the street packed with people headbanging, which produced a turbulent flow of magic in the street. At one point, acknowledging the history of the street, the metalheads headbanged towards The Metal Head, still a normal bar, and the magic was directed in that direction. This transported the bar to another dimension, and brought Anna’s Patchwork Shop to that location, and it all happened with an explosion that killed over 300 people.

Anna, owner of the shop, is extremely confused with the whole thing to this day, as she comes from one of the normal dimensions, where there is no magic and most people do not make blood sacrifices for magic power. We think that she is undergoing a crisis and would be better off if she could go back to her own dimension, but there is no way to reproduce what happened in that metalhead event – and it’s not like we haven’t tried -, so Anna’s Patchwork Shop has turned into a respected part of the metalhead community (respect in the metalhead community is based on the kill count, and Anna’s Shop took the lives of over 300 people, which makes her a high rank member of the metalhead community).


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