Middle of the Desert Discs, 22/09/2016

In our endeavour to get to know our neighbours better, every month we ask a prominent citizen of the town to tell us what book they would take with them to the Middle of the Desert, apart from the complete works of Tolkien and Cervantes. It has been a while since the last installment of this series, which was interrupted due to the Apocalypse and the recent heatwave. For this reason, we have thought it appropriate to ask the town librarian, Erin Pyp:

“Well, of course, books are an essential part of my life, having always been the librarian of the Library City. There is a lot I could tell you about books, about our collection, or about the rules that govern the treatment of books in Fiery Creek. The Library City contains all of the books ever written by any species, in any language and in every dimension, and, best of all, the collection updates itself, which means that the Library City dimension is ever-growing. There are, thus, about 7,2 million different versions of Anna Karenina, sometimes with minor changes, and sometimes with major changes. Books in Fiery Creek are protected by strong spells that make them indestructible – thank God I did that in time, that way I can preserve the collection intact from the hands of book burners -. Of course, having read all of the books in existence, it’s quite difficult to choose a favourite, but I think as a librarian I have to choose Fahrenheit 451”.


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