Important Sites of Fiery Creek 17: Temple of the Author

The Temple of the Author is the single most important place of worship – more like, ‘worship’ but anyway – in Fiery Creek. It is located approximately two kilometres to the south of the town, in a beautiful hill that overlooks the town. Members of the Fiery Creek community first visit the Temple around the age of three, and these visits become a lifelong habit for all members of the community.

The Temple of the Author has been in that position ever since the conception of the universe. History tells us that, when the Author created this universe – or, in this case, this Multiverse -, he also created places of worship that he scattered all around the Multiverse for the people who lived in them to communicate with him and ask for favours in exchange of food and other commodities – it is said that, during the XVth century, he actually got so lazy that he started to give out technology for free in exchange of the grocery shopping.

Many civilizations forgot about their creator and started to worship fake gods that they invented. They destroyed their temples – not a great loss, really, as the Author made all temples in all universes exactly the same – and have not communicated with the Author ever since – which, to be fair, we don’t blame them. The Author is kind of a dick.

There are certain rituals associated with the Temple, mostly related with making offerings to the Author. He asks for food, drinks and other practical stuff, and usually does not accept flowers or other, more symbolic gifts. Rita, for example, spent a year bringing the Author flowers so that the war ended in Texas, with no effect, and when Alba Luca brought the Author some homemade lasagna, all wars ended and there was peace in the world.

Sometimes, however, the Author goes silent, mostly when people start to ask uncomfortable questions like “What is all of the Plan about? Why did this have to be included in the Plan?” or “Wait, do you actually have a plan? Because it looks like you’re improvising to me”.

There might be no explanation for the beginning of the Multiverse, no “Plan” that explains it all and no meaning to our lives, but, overall, the Temple plays quite an important role in the community for granting of mundane wishes and as a point of socialization. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and Diane Vines, oracle of the Town, predicted that the Temple would be destroyed in exactly two months today by some powerful force.


What? Were you expecting some lament on the destruction of the Temple? Nah, not like anyone cares much, really.


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