Neighbours of Fiery Creek, 15/09/2016

This is a public space to send messages to neighbours, to strengthen our community bonds and resolving our disputes. No form of violent comments will be tolerated, so refrain from sending them to this forum. Thank you.

From D1. Dear neighbours, I know that many of you will be surprised by this, but recent events force me to announce this in public. The account called @D belongs to me, Doris Waters, founder and director of the Neighbourhood Watch association. For some reason that I cannot understand, I have been banned from that account, and will now be using this one. But that is not the announcement that I need to make. What I need to tell all of you is that several imitators have appeared in town. Those women look like me, speak like me, act like me. But they are not the real deal. I am the real one. I repeat. I AM THE REAL ONE. Don’t believe anything that they say.

From Rita. I think it’s very brave of you to reveal your identity just like that, @D1. I totally did not expect it. I think there was no clue whatsoever to know that you were Doris.

From Sean. [Insert Sarcasm here] Wow, totally didn’t expect that revelation, @D, @D1.

From D4. Do not believe anything that @D1 says. She is a fake. I am the real Doris Waters.

From D8. Neither @D1 nor @D4 are the real Doris Waters, I am. They are both lying about being the founders and directors of the Neighbourhood Watch.

From Sean. Wait, I’m actually confused now. How many Doris Waters are there?

From Alex. All of this Doris business sounds like a mess to me…

-> Liked by Sean.

From Rita. It’s simple, @Sean. @D1, @D4 and @D8 all are Doris Waters.

From Sean. That makes three different people claiming that the others are not Doris Waters. That doesn’t make any sense, @Rita.

From Jenn. Quantitators came to check on my power levels. Guess those gym hours were worth the effort! 😀

From Alex. I’m so proud of you, @Jenn! Congrats!

From Mayor. ” lricbw 2@e 569-

From Liza. Guys, my family and I were on a mining trip down the tunnels and found out about the heatwave. We are going to solve this soon.

From Sarah. Must’ve been one hell of a long trip, town has been literally burning for a couple of weeks now, @Liza.

-> Liked by Sean.

From Jude. We don’t need no magic of yours to solve this town’s problems, you Russian pig @Liza. Go back to your country and let us REAL AMERICANS solve our problems.

-> This comment was reported by Alex and 7 more.


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