Important Sites of Fiery Creek 17: The Bottomless Well

Water is scarce in the desert. Luckily, Fiery Creek keeps a steady supply of water from the Bottomless Well that is located right in the centre of Old Town Fiery Creek. There is reason to believe that this Well perforates the inter-dimensional continuum and goes into a water-only dimension. That, or the Well is an absurd infinite construction inside a planet of finite size, a paradox that insults the make-up of reality itself – in exactly the same way in which everything in Fiery Creek insults the make-up of reality.

You might wonder how we know this. Well, there have been several expeditions into the liquid abyss that Well represents. None of them managed to reach the bottom of said well, and those who ventured too deep never returned. Another attempt was made with robots, but the pressure of the water was too much, and the robots never made it back, either, or at least not in one piece. A gigantic pole twelve thousands of kilometers long was inserted into the well, trying to see if it appeared on the other side of the world, but it never did.

The absurdity of this Well has created many myths. These revolve around the creation of this Well, and most of them point out that Mary Clark herself may have created it to provide the town she founded with water. These myths are backed up by the fact that Faeries never drank water, or recorded the presence of such a Well in their Caliphate before Mary Clark arrived, and the zombies of the first six Fiery Creeks that got destroyed did not remember the well, either.

Mary Clark herself has been interviewed many times on this subject, to the point that she is bored about everyone asking her about it. She states that she did not create that well, that it had always been there, and that she did not know where it came from. It had just sort of been there ever since she had arrived at that point in the middle of the desert.

The Well used to be open, but this led to stupid teenagers playing many dares related to it. More than once, they dared each other to dive into the depths of the Well, and every single generation of Fiery Creek citizens has had people who drowned in that Well. In fact, it seems that the kids in this town have been getting more and more stupid ever since the Atomic Bomb Incident in 1991 – which was covered up with the eruption of Mount Pinatubo -, as more and more teenagers have drowned in there. Last year, after a record 37 teenagers died in a single incident, the citizens petitioned the Council to cover the well. The Council, of course, did nothing, so the neighbours finally covered up the Well themselves.

This, however, has not stopped the mystery around the Bottomless Well of Fiery Creek. The Ancient Runes that decorate the Well have yet to be identified, but a research team assures us that they have almost decoded the whole thing. We just hope that they don’t die, like those who had almost understood what the carvings of the Caliph’s Palace said.


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