“I don’t like the darkness here” Amanda commented.

“It’s necessary” Vee said. “Much as Laurel is keeping the heat at bay, the elements that are undergoing nuclear fusion are releasing a lot of energy. It’s dangerous to stay there”.

“I mean, we might as well switch on some lights” you proposed, invoking small lantern lights that followed you.

Amanda and Vee set up their own lanterns, too, and the corridor was now well lit. You looked around, listening to the noises and trying to look for other citizens that might be in the tunnels. There was nobody around, only the three of you, walking down, always taking left turns, as Vee had asked you to.

“Is it just me, or… can you guys hear those noises too?” you asked.

“That is the part I don’t like about the noises” Amanda said. “The presences I can feel around us. There are a lot of them”.

“It’s probably monsters that escaped the Apocalypse” Vee hypothesized.

“Yeah, well,  I don’t think so” you stated, pointing towards the front.

An enormous moth was traveling through the tunnel, slowly flying towards you guys.  You looked at the mesmerizing patterns in its wings, and noticed black and white circles that looked like eyes, which seemed to change from time to time. You were going to switch off your own lights when you noticed that they were not eyes. They were small mouths. Mouth with teeth, and tongues, which were licking their lips in anticipation. Amanda and Vee switched off their lights.

“What are you doing? The light is attracting that thing here” Vee urged you.

“Look at its mouths!” you pointed towards the wings. “That thing is going to eat us!”

“We have to run!” Vee shouted, holding your arm.

“No, wait!” Amanda said. “We are surrounded! Killing the moth is the best option!”

Vee studied the moth. “I’ll blow up a wing first”.

He cast a fireball and threw it against one of the moths wings at great speed. The mouth in the centre of that wing opened and blew out towards the fireball with great strength, dissipating the power. The strong wind blew against the three of you, almost making you fall. You just barely managed to hold your place.

“What now?” you asked.

“The wings are magic centres. Attack the union between the body and each wing” Amanda said.

“OK, let’s do this” you said, bringing out your machete. “Vee, get ready”.

You thought about the spells you had learnt with Ba’al, and started to manipulate the time field. Vee and you advanced with your respective weapons, running against the moth. Its time was running at a much slower pace, so you both just disappeared from its sight. The energy of the two different time fields collapsing propelled you against the moth at great speed. The swords cut through two of the moth’s wings, which fell heavily to the floor, and the blood dripped out of its body in the injuries. The beast shrieked, but fell to the floor, powerless, trying to flap its remaining wings, which were unable to withstand its power.

“Wow, whoever is describing the whole thing has made it really grim” you said, loking at the moth on the floor. “Quite a sick description, if you ask me”.

“I know, right? Everything is pretty normal and then, bam, throws this scene in. Quite disgusting” Vee commented.

“Guys!” Amanda pressed.

You looked towards her and saw a set of teeth advancing towards Amanda. She was trying to walk past the moth, which covered the floor, but the beast still moved around and was trying to get her.

“You have to jump” you said.

“Anne, no need for that. You can destroy this thing with your power” Vee told you.

“Oh, right” you noticed.

You sank the machete on the creature, and hijacked its power. It was a big container of magic, and you started to make it spin, turn around in fast speed. The creatures body burst upwards, sending blood and other fluids everywhere. Amanda run to join you at the other side of the corpse. You all ran away, and heard whatever beast was following you feast on the moth’s corpse.

“That was close” you commented.

“Yes, it was. But Amanda, about your power…” Vee asked.

“Observation. I can perceive monsters and what their powers are, even their intentions. That was the reason why I knew about the Arian children. And those other monster corpses that the Police found on my basement. Nothing can hide from me” she explained.

“So you know about my…” Vee started.

“Yes, I know about your calm mind and intellect” she said.

“That’s convenient” Vee said.

“Except when you have no power to defeat that monster” Amanda said. “Or you are at a serious disadvantage”.

“So, what now?” you asked.

“There are many more moths in the tunnels, and it seems that we are almost at their nest” Amanda said.

“Well, let’s do this” you said, holding your machete with a grin.

You all walked into the nest, ready for a fight.


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