Important Sites of Fiery Creek 16: Bloody Christmas 1999

I know what you are going to say. Just shut the fuck up and read on.

Bloody Christmas of 1999 might as well be one of the most interesting wonders of town. It is, as you want to complain, a section of time in town. But it is also a place in town. This is because Bloody Christmas of 1999 never really ended. It just crystallized into a new neighbourhood of the town, a couple of miles north from the Revenant District.

This point in space and time marks one of the bloodiest points in the history of town. Not because of the number of casualties, but because of the actual bloodbath that happened that Christmas. That Christmas, was the first and only snowy Christmas that the town has ever had in all of its history – and we can corroborate this thanks to the extremely accurate records that the faeries left us.

Snow just means madness in a city in the middle of the desert. The temperature had never descended below 20ºC in town, and thus nobody was ready to withstand the cold. The houses did not have proper insulation to capture the heat from inside, winter clothes were literally nonexistent in every wardrobe of town, and suddenly temperatures had gone below -15ºC. Many people went crazy.

The attacks started in Christmas Eve. Some crazy citizen took an axe and cut an old lady in half. He had thought that it was Doris Waters, but had not noticed that it was someone else, and now her two halves were bleeding there, on the floor. This did not stop the upper half of the old lady from picking up a revolver from her handbag and shooting the man.

However, she only hit him once, and the other three shots flew away. One of them crushed a window and hit a man that had been standing there, and his head exploded right in the breakfast table that he was about to share with his family. The man, reacting to this, took a shotgun that had been hanging on the wall and shot outside. Of course, he had no head, so the shots went everywhere.

The second shot from the woman that had been cut in half went into a French bakery and exploded the oven, burning the two women who worked there. They started to attack the clients of the bakery with baguettes and muffins, and then they started to throw bakery products as projectiles all across town.

The third shot from the first victim, the old woman, Hit a pregnant woman that had just bought some bread at the French bakery and was heading home. Her and the baby in her womb both brought their guns and started to shoot at everyone who passed the street.

All of these instances spiraled out of control and soon the town was covered in red – not Christmas red, though -, from all of the blood that was being spilled.

But when the battle was getting to its bloodiest, to its peak point, the cold started to sharpen. Some citizens, including Mamma Luca, noticing this, started a ritual that would bring the fight elsewhere and spare the town from being frozen. A replica of town was created up north, in municipal territory – to be fair, it’s pretty much all desert around us, so there are no real municipal borders -, and the mad citizens and the cold were all transported there.

The cold froze the whole thing, and, even today, Bloody Christmas of 1999 has not melted at all. The fighters are still inside, doing who knows what, but at least the town was saved.

And you know, it’s actually quite nice to be able to see a replica of Fiery Creek as one of those winter snow globes.


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