History of Fiery Creek 16: Mary Clark gets back to work

Mary had written down a list of all of the things that she had missed during those five years. The list has been conserved and is on display on Mary Clark’s van, which can be visited in Main Square – quite surprisingly, as nobody expected it to still be up after the Apocalypse -. Or more like could be visited, because it has probably turned into plasma now that the surface of Fiery Creek is at a temperature of approximately 5700K (more or less like the surface of the sun). In the unlikely event that Mary Clark had built her van with some sort of weird tungsten alloy that could resist that kind of temperature or she had protected it with some super strong protective magic, you could not visit it either, as you would be stripped from all of your atoms the moment you stepped outside.

Said list contained just a few of the things that Mary had missed, and it went as follows:

  1. Diane’s 11th birthday.
  2. The second attack from Hell.
  3. Arrival of some Spanish people.
  4. First rebellion of the lambs.
  5. Building of the walls around town.
  6. Diane’s 12th birthday.
  7. Diane’s 12th birthday celebration, which apparently was a disaster because someone summoned some monsters from another dimension that killed 62% of the town population.
  8. Second rebellion of the lambs.
  9. The day that the storks brought 7371 people to town. Nobody knows where they came from, but they had different ages, genders and names.
  10. The third attack from Hell.
  11. The building of the public library.
  12. Third rebellion of the lambs.
  13. The connection of the public library with the Library City dimension, which has a Librarian that is all-powerful (in that dimension only).
  14. A Police force is created.
  15. Diane’s mother’s death, when a meteorite fell over her. Extremely bloody.
  16. The first ever Christmas celebration that Diane and Ba’al did together.
  17. Fourth rebellion of the lambs.
  18. Diane’s 13th birthday.
  19. The year of Lethargy, in which literally nothing happened. The citizens complained about this profusely.
  20. The Police force divides into two due to internal problems. There is the Police 1 and the Police 2.
  21. Diane’s 14th birthday.
  22. Nazi’s time travel to Fiery Creek and try to take over.
  23. War against the Nazis.
  24. The Japanese from WWII escape to Fiery Creek and try to take over. The survivor Nazis have to take shelter near Botany section in Fiery Creek.
  25. War against the Japanese.
  26. Russian armies come back in time chasing the Nazis and the Japanese. The Japanese survivors run into the Library City, taking the space of Nazis near the Botany section.
  27. The Russians start the 3 months of Red Terror, in which they put most of the Fiery Creek population in Gulags.
  28. The Italians arrive in town and expel the Russians. Mamma Luca settles down and frees the citizens from the Gulags. The Police force 2 keeps a Gulag.
  29. The romance between Erin Pyp, the librarian, and John Fier’s grandson, John Fier.
  30. Police 2 starts to put Police 1 into the Gulag.
  31. Sixth and final rebellion of the lambs (it happened before the Fifth rebellion of the lambs because of the lambs dividing into factions and some problems with the space-time continuum).
  32. Police 1 manages to overpower Police 2. A battle for power in the town starts.
  33. Fifth rebellion of the lambs.
  34. Police 2 manages to suppress and completely destroy Police 1. The remaining members of Police 1 join Police 2.
  35. The Witches of Fiery Creek form their Akelarre.
  36. The citizens post a record 703,043,923 complaint letters in one day.
  37. Police 2 finally decided to drop the 2 from their name.
  38. The town expands south, to include the Orchard that Diane had built. Many developments are built around town.
  39. A sandstorm covers town in sand. Giant worms attack town from the sand.
  40. The worms get expelled from town for some time.
  41. Merlin comes back.
  42. The worms attack town in a giant horde.
  43. The worms are destroyed thanks to Merlin’s help.
  44.  is discovered under town.
  45. John Fier, Erin Pyp’s boyfriend, is grounded for some stupid reason. He starts to build tunnels under town to be able to go see Erin.
  46. A house crumbles down over a tunnel.
  47. The Cactus comes to town. It’s not a cactus, but The Cactus.
  48. Diane’s 15th birthday.

There were another 3,912 entries in that list, but they have been considered irrelevant (or maybe we are just hiding some information from you). You will have to live with the knowledge that there might be a key plot point in that list which has not been revealed.


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