Weekly Fiery Creek, 04/09/2016

This week in the news:

Apocalypse averted!

A group of brave fighters from Fiery Creek have averted the Apocalypse. As you might remember – though we are going to remind you anyway just to make a point against Town Council -, the Apocalypse was provoked by the Fiery Creek Town Council when they tried to impress the citizens with a literary event. According to the forecast, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse were going to ride the week in which the Council had planned that “event”.

Trying to answer to the increase in popularity of the candidate for Mayor Vee, they wanted an impeccable event that would surprise everyone to gain their favour so that citizens voted for the Council approved candidate, William Sato – who is and will, if elected Mayor, just be a puppet of the Council -, and thus called the Horsemen for a meeting in which to negotiate the week in which the Horsemen would ride, as it overlapped with said literary event.

Answering the call of the Town Council, the Four Horsemen rode together towards Fiery Creek, kickstarting the Apocalypse 3 months before it had been scheduled. The Horsemen, realizing this fact, started to kill, destroy, and summon the Creatures of the Ends of Days. Our small town turned into the arena in which the Battle of the End was going to take place, and the Town Council, of course, did nothing to solve this mess.

But several brave citizens did.

Vee, whose name is Vitor Vico, fought alongside Amanda Alexander, Laurel Lewis, Ba’al Prince of Hell and Anne Black to clean the streets of the evil creatures, even the horsemen themselves, and stop the Apocalypse. Meanwhile, inside the Library, Erin Pyp and John Fier fed and protected the survivors of town, and even fought some of the monsters who managed to break into the building.

Moreover, after averting the Apocalypse, they kindly rebuilt the city and destroyed the Fiery Creek General Hospital, which had been haunting our town and making the Revenant District feel quite unsafe, and they have built a park in its place. The Registry of Lost and Found got rebuilt into a nice building that works normally and doesn’t hold horrific creatures in it, too. These were also problems that had not been addressed by the Town Council.

With this, we think we have made a point. When the town is in hands of good leaders, even the Apocalypse can be solved with a happy ending. This journal will, from now on, fully endorse Vitor Vico, known as Vee, as a candidate for Mayor of the town.

Town getting extremely hot

The September heatwave has arrived and it is getting hotter than ever. The sand of the desert is melting into some sort of plasma-like goo as the temperature in the outside goes up over 1,000ºC. If you are reading this, it probably means that you are alive, which means that you are deep down into the underground tunnels that had been built by John Fier. Good job at surviving that.

For some reason, the heatwave this year is getting to abnormally hot temperatures, and this is only the beginning. We have asked magic users in an attempt to see if they could solve the problem, but they have – quite conveniently – all insisted that there is no magic influence in this event, and that there is little that they can do to bring the heat down to normal levels.

For now, Mamma Luca and Laurel Lewis, two of the most powerful people in the known multiverse, have sealed the holes of the tunnels and are working on perfect insulation. They have said that they will notify us when they have a solution, and that they are doing their best to solve this problem. “For the time being get used to the tunnels” they’ve said.


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