Denna’s Charm of the week


It’s been quite a busy month, with the Apocalypse and all of that going, right? I for one have been extremely busy protecting a certain younger sister from monsters and other hazards that took over town during that period, and had some very useful charms that helped us overcome all danger – not like a potion would help anyone in a deadly situation, am I right?

I hope that you are all well and that you’ve managed to survive the perils of the Apocalypse. The town, however, is still not out of danger, as a heatwave is approaching and predicted to literally get as hot as the sun and scorch us to our deaths. It sounds like the kind of weather in which you would want to stay in a fresh environment, so here are some spells to keep yourself and your friends and families cool during these days:

  • Clim’matan: it keeps the temperature of the building at whichever temperature has been set (I recommend around 21ºC). It is extremely adequate for the beginning and the end of the heatwave, but do not try using it in the middle of it. If the heat grows too much, the temperature spell is going to drain all of your energy to keep the house at that temperature. This spell could kill you.
  • Watergunnio: whichever magic conduit you are using (a wand, your own hands, your dress…) turns into a water gun that splashes water everywhere. If you add the word Boost Max at the end of the word, the water gun outputs 1000s of litres of water in a mere seconds. Extremely fun to use against siblings or frenemies.
  • Chillia: creates a constant gust of wind that freshes up the air. I really recommend using this one, as it won’t drain your energy. I have already set up several currents protecting my home from the heat, and the results are being quite good. Be careful to pronounce this spell correctly, though, as there is a similar spell called Chillio that covers whatever it touches in extremely hot and deadly chili.

With this, I hope you can protect yourselves and the community from the heat that is approaching. If you see me in the street, in the market, and you would like to have some fresh air around your home but you don’t know how to do it yourself, come contact me, and I’ll do my best to refresh your house.

Be well!



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