Fiery Creek Public Service Announcements, 31/08/2016

The following Public Service Announcement has been made public by Town Council on the 31st August 2016. Its aim is to let citizens know that:

  1. Well, this is embarrassing. Once again, a number of townspeople which include Vee have managed to stop the Apocalypse and restore town back to normal. They have even rebuilt the city, and made sure that everything is where it should be, even the teddy bear that you dropped while running out of your house, escaping with your baby from the monsters that were trying to kill you during the Apocalypse. Even worse, as they destroyed most of the creatures that had escaped the Fiery Creek General Hospital, they even destroyed the Hospital itself and have built a nice park in its place. What a bunch of fuckers.
  2. The asphyxiating vine situation is getting quite out of hand. The Council is in dire need of some horticulturist, gardener, or plant expert that could generously help the community by providing their services – and probably, their lives -, to control the vine that acts as a security system for the Council. No payments will be given, but we will thank you profusely – if you survive, that is.
  3. The end of the summer is approaching, and with it the heat wave that always marks the end of this season. The predicted temperature for the following weeks is going to be over 70º C, much higher than usual. We recommend you flee town as soon as possible. No lives will be spared.

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