Important Sites of Fiery Creek 15: Sloan’s AC Solutions

In the end of the summer, while the last heatwave hits the town and the desert sand becomes literally as hot as the sun, Sloan’s Air Conditioning Solutions is the place to go if you are still in possession of your sanity – not like the people who go to the Fiery Creek Municipal Swimming Pool, those people are out of their minds.

Sloan sells all sort of Air Conditioning machines, from the LG LT1236HNR to the Mitsubishi Ductless system. He has two dozens of machines in the shop to show, all of them on, creating the ideal environment to resist the hellish heat that is the end of the summer in Fiery Creek.

You would expect long queues and lots of people fighting to get into such a place, but, interestingly, there is none of that. Sloan built his shop with an interesting protection mechanism that only lets those interested in buying some air conditioning or air conditioning related services and people who are looking for a calm place to rest in to find and enter the shop. This has demonstrated to be an extremely powerful protection system, as Doris Waters has never managed to penetrate the shop – and, believe me, it’s not like she has not tried. One such attempt started the 10 year War in 2002, in which she took Sloan to court for not letting her inspect his shop. The system could not be taken down, and a few citizens like myself found a shelter in his shop during those 10 bloody years.

So, if you just want to stroll down the aisle enjoying the fresh air, or you just want to bring a book and silently read next to the newest portable LG air conditioning machine, go to Sloan’s AC Solutions. He will even provide the chair for you to sit there! One warning though: some buyers may think that you are an AC machine, so make sure that you say a few words and look human from time to time. You wouldn’t be the first person to be sold by mistake at Sloan’s.


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