Fragments of the Apocalypse

The Horseman of Death felt the presence of the Horseman of War disappearing, and Death understood. War had been annihilated.

Death’s power, which had already been surging before, now peaked higher than ever. It had been that girl. The Horseman knew, it had felt her energy coming from the same direction before War had been destroyed. Death rode, looking for her, destroying the houses that it found in its way.

The Horseman soon found the disappearing corpse of its friend. The girl was kneeling next to it, examining it, looking at something. Her brown hair was untied, and she did not seem to be carrying any weapons with her. When she stood up, Death charged against her with all of its power.

“You woman!” Death screamed, rising its scythe with a surge of red power.

Death threw a powerful blow against her. The ground around them exploded and went in every direction, the air created gigantic whirlwinds that travelled hundreds of kilometres away, and several structures around them were destroyed.

Yet the woman was completely intact. She had stopped the scythe with a katana. The Lion turned around with a fierce look that pierced through Death.


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