Fragments of the Apocalypse

A badger bit the beast.The battle of the soul may have been won by the beast among the Twins, but the real battle was more difficult than ever for the black mambas. The badgers, some of the fiercest mammals, were leading cats, dogs, warthogs, hedgehogs, deer and several other animals into a battle against the black mambas.

The other animals were crushing the black mambas in sheer numbers, and to top all of that, they had somehow acquired immunity to black mamba venom. The smaller snakes were flocking around the Twins, the only beast that was resisting the incoming blows with ease.

Yet the external fight prompted a new internal fight. The beast was extremely altered, among other reasons because its extremely deadly poison was completely ineffective against all of those stupid mammals, reptiles, and birds. So the human started to fight back.

The badgers charged against them, as dogs and alligators defended the flanks, and the cats glided between the other units, finishing off the black mambas that were left. The attack was successful at neutralizing most of the black mambas, but the giant beast broke the lines of the badgers.

The deer started a retreat, but dogs and alligators kept attacking, and finally a Newfoundland dog, a great Pyrenees dog and two alligators managed to immobilize the giant black mamba. As the human fought against the beast, the body stopped contorting, and some cats went up its body, clawing at the eyes and other body parts.

Bleeding, the beast tried to fight back, both against the human and the animals, but the Penguin itself appeared in the very front of the badger ranks. In a swift move that none of the present was able to fully see, the Penguin appeared right behind the giant black mamba. Its head fell to the muddy floor.

The Twins were dead.


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