Fragments of the Apocalypse

The Horseman of War felt the power of its own arrow backfiring, turning against him in a horrific turn of events that War had not been able to predict. The power, as intense as it could be, tore the existence of the Horseman away from that realm, from the human world, from the ongoing Apocalypse of which War was supposed to be one of the central characters.

War’s eyes could not get used to the light. “Shit” was the only thing that the Horseman could think of, knowing that it had been annihilated by a punny woman, a mere human being that was not even amidst the top 100 most powerful beings of the known universe, and barely had a grasp of magic. The Horseman of War, a being as old as humanity itself, had been outsmarted by a stupid human who was not even half a century old.

War kept its eyes closed, wanting to spend as long as it took for it to decided to cross the gates.

A familiar voice made the Horseman open its eyes.

“Denaestra?” War asked.

The butterfly did not hear the call. He was trying to fight against the Guardian of the Doors to Heaven. “Look, I’m telling you. I have business down there. Top business. The Apocalypse has started, and I need to direct all of that, OK? It’s like, imagine if I did not let you welcome all of these souls coming in here. You wouldn’t be OK with that, would you?”

The Guardian of the Doors smiled and pointed at the entrance to Heaven. Denaestra tried to explain again. War could not believe its eyes. “Denaestra!” it called, using the deepest voice it could produce, trying to sound like it had some authority. The butterfly turned around nervously.

“Well, hello there… shit… I mean… what brings you here, my Lord?”

The Horseman suddenly realized how embarrassing it was to have to admit that it had been defeated. “Well, I… kind of… got…”

The inflow of souls into Heaven stopped to listen to the Horseman’s words. It got nervous, and spoke in an almost inaudible tone. “Defeated”.

Nobody said a thing. Denaestra looked at the Horseman. “Where… where does this… this whole situation leave us?”

The Horseman of War shrugged. The Guardian of the Doors pointed towards Heaven.


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