Fragments of the Apocalypse

The battle had been lost. The battle of the Twins, the beast had subdued the human, the monster had taken over, and all humanity had been buried below a veil of darkness, trapped inside a cage without a lock. The human side could not scream, shout or fight anymore. He had been sealed into the very depths of the soul, somewhere where he could not contact anyone.

The beast advanced with the rest of the snakes, dominating the whole street. Everyone feared them now. Now that they had the Twins, they were unstoppable, and they faced no resistance anywhere they went in town. That was what they thought, anyway, the black mambas and their leaders, advancing towards the Fiery Creek Main Square.

But that was not true. They were not unstoppable, and some still resisted. The School of Fish were there to show her that they were mistaken, that a mafia would not be able to control the town. The two armies faced each other under the rain.


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