Fragments of the Apocalypse

The girl was trying to hide from the Horseman of War. It had been trying to hunt her for hours, playing a game of hide and seek in which the final objective was to kill her. She had humiliated it, and it was not willing to forgive her. It would definitely not let her go, not unscathed, not without making her pay the fair prize. It was going to teach her a lesson about playing with unstoppable forces.

The Horseman saw her hiding behind a corner, breathing heavily, tired from the hunt that had been going on for hours. The Horseman decided to give her a pleasant surprise. War silently tensed an arrow on its bow, and shot a silent and deadly projectile. The arrow exploded against the building, throwing a pile of rubble against the girl. The Horseman of War waited until the dust settled.

The Horseman did not see her coming from the clouds of dust, charging with an attack of ice. In a quick reaction, War tensed another arrow in its bow, yet he was too late. She froze his arms in position, arrow tensed, unable to fire his attack. The power had built up in the arrow. She looked at it with interest.

The Horseman of War cursed its fate.


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