The Machete had been completed. It was not in the same shape as the original one, and new melt marks marked the points in which the blade had been resealed. But the power inside it was still intact, so you put it in your backpack with care and went outside the Library City, expecting to go on a mission to fight the forces of the Apocalypse.

Instead, you saw him walking through the refugee camp: the Mural Painting serial killer. You recognized him in an instant, and saw him approach a group of refugees. He had a shiny object in his right hand, something that was only visible for a split second. Was it a knife? You knew that the survival of those people depended on you only.

You took out the Machete of Doom and jumped onto the scene, swinging the weapon wildly, hoping to get him by surprise. But the Mural Painting serial killer saw you just in time, he held your hand and threw you against one of the survivors that were standing nearby. You were horrified to see the Machete go through this poor victim.

You then realized that it was Doris, and felt like a hero.

“Look at you” the serial killer spoke. “You thought you would be a hero once again. But you couldn’t avoid killing a poor woman that had nothing to do with this. And you cannot stop me”.

“Actually… I think I’m more of a community hero right now” you pronounced.

The citizens that had been suffering her cheered on you. They were relieved that they did not have to listen to her unending chattering any more. The Mural Painting serial killer could not believe his eyes when he saw them celebrate. One of them even brought out a bottle of champagne which had apparently been saved for that occasion.

“What the fuck?” he asked.

“She was the real deal when it comes to monsters” one of the citizens said.

“We are so glad that she got rid of Doris” another one agreed.

He shrugged. “Well, I guess if it’s not a problem for you guys, either…”

You tried to attack him, but you had difficulty controlling your arm. You felt the power of the machete gripping at your arm. It was trying to take control of your body, but you resisted. You used your power to fight back, and managed to avoid hurting other survivors. You attacked in the general direction of the Mural Painting serial killer. He managed to dodge once again, quite easily. The machete hit the floor, opening an enormous crack. The serial killer looked at you with interest.

“That seems to be an interesting weapon that you have there…” he muttered.

He then proceeded to attack you. You tried to fight back with the sword, but he had studied the weapon and knew that you did not really control it. In a wild swing, he took you from the arm and threw you against one of the walls. The machete destroyed the wall, and you were sent through it. You found yourself flying into Main Square.


You fell to the floor, and stood up as you could, using the machete as a walking stick. A giant beast fell into the Library from the hole that you had just opened. You heard the screams from the inside. You looked back in distress, realizing what you had just provoked. Then something held you from the arm.

“That seems to be my Machete… I think I’ll be taking it back”.

War stripped you from the Machete of Doom, and looked down on you. You turned around in fear. “Shit…”

“Looks like we meet again, Sun Burn”.


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