Fragments of the Apocalypse

The Horseman of Death could not feel its children anywhere. It went all around town, and could not find them, either. It called them with a special whistle that only they could hear, and they did not appear to the call of their Master, either. Death started to get worried, considering what an important part those played in the plan.

The Horseman knew where their lair was, so it just went into the cavern, through the portal in the alleyway, and walked towards the depths of it. Death soon saw some lights in the very bottom of the cavern, in a passageway that had somehow collapsed. Death hovered down to investigate what was going on.

Before it reached the bottom, Death had understood what had happened. In extreme pain, it realized that its children had been obliterated by some sort of Angelic force. The three shining crosses were proof that their souls had been purified. Death screamed in pain. They had robbed it of its children.

They were going to pay for it.


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