Fragments of the Apocalypse

The school of Fish was organizing. They had been preparing for this for quite some time now. They had new fighters in their ranks, the deer. They all looked at the Penguin, and bowed to it. The Penguin observed them all in silence for a while, and approved of them. They would need all of those forces and more to set things right.

The Fish listened to the Penguin, in silence, as it transmitted, without words, what the orders were. It was all simple, as clear as water, and had been one of the purposes why the Fish had been called into the scene in the first place. They were going to a war, and needed to fight with each other, combining their weapons against the enemy.

The Fish prepared for battle. Their leader, the Penguin, passed on a jar onto the troops, and made them all drink from it. That would help them in the fight, and would grant them immunity. Small and large, all gathered, they looked at their companions in fight. They would fight fiercely.


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