Fragments of the Apocalypse

The… Monsters?

They all went to the ruins of what had been their house. The Town Council had started reconstruction works, but due to all of the events with the Ancient Egyptians, the Apocalypse and whatnot, the works had been abandoned for some time, and not resumed yet. They all met in what had been their petunia garden.

They looked at each other, trying to decide who was the original. None of them were. They gathered their hands, trying to collapse back into the original state, yet did not manage to, because all of her selves could not agree how to get back into the original being. They all started to debate, but it all turned into a heated debate. One of them stunned them all.

She was the one who had inherited the most decision power from the original self, and had not received many of the quirks that had made her into such a disperse being. She brought out a portable tattooing machine, and tattooed numbers in all of them – 1 to 9. She kept the zero, the baseline, for herself. She left the scene.

There were 10 monsters but, among them… one was specially bad.


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