Fragments of the Apocalypse

The Monster.

She was in the Library, looking at the Ram as he studied the perimeter, and she was also seeing the bar owner in his worst nightmares. She was right behind the librarian, checking on whatever plans she had. She was in the Library City, too, checking how the girl repaired the machete, with a big frown. And she was also checking on the reunion of the Protector with the Lion, the Maiden and the Water-bearer.

There were, in fact, a total of 10 of them in Town, yet there was only one.

Yet, in an ill fated moment, several heads turned around in many locations in town. The Ram saw her in his side, and the bar owner bolted awake just to face her. The librarian saw her reflected in her glasses, and the girl turned towards the corner of the greenhouse she was working on. All four heads of the reunion saw her figure up in a nearby building, and several others noticed her presence.

The Monster tried to collapse, but she could not collapse anywhere. All of her selves were being scrutinized by people, and that moment just simply broke all of the rules of her power. All of her selves were, in an extremely painful moment, cut off from each other, separated into 10 individual beings.

Thus, the Monster had now turned into the Monsters.


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