Fragments of the Apocalypse

The bar owner saw the librarian go. She was busy planning a whole strategy, looking up all of the information that she could on how to stop the Apocalypse. She was also trying to contact all of the powerful people that they knew, trying to see if any of them would answer, and if they did, whether they would be willing to help.

He had already worked to exhaustion that day. He felt his eyelids falling, and tried to keep himself awake, but could not. He saw the librarian in the distance, she was still up and working, yet him… He had to do it for her. That was what he told himself. He stood up, and soon found that his legs did not have the strength to hold him. He collapsed.

In the darkness, in dreams, he started to go through his memories. His memories about the librarian, the town…And a huge chunk of… nothing. How could it be that there was a chunk of nothing in his memories? Surely each corner of his memory had had somethingĀ in it until that point. That blank space did not make any sense. He approached it, and got repelled.

He understood. That was not an empty region. It was a region that had been barred from him. Fear struck him awake.


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