Fragments of the Apocalypse

He came out of the Library. It was unlikely that they would attack him and, in the event that they did, it was almost impossible that he came to any harm. Because he knew of them. He knew all of those creatures, their strengths and weaknesses, their abilities and fighting styles. And he could beat them all.

Death looked at him with disdain. War tensed an arrow in its bow, and yet was unable to bring itself to fire. The Protector looked at them, giving them that stare that denoted authority. War lowered its bow, and Death softened its grip over its scythe. The monsters around just moved out of his way.

He then felt them. Three of them, fighting their way to the city centre. They had some sort of incredible power with them, an unstoppable powerhouse whose power had, surprisingly, gone unnoticed until then for the Protector. He followed the trail to meet that power.

When he went around the corner, he met face to face with all three of them. The Lion, the Maiden, and the Water-Bearer looked at him, surprised.


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