Fragments of the Apocalypse

The Ram walked into the Library. There they were: hundreds of survivors who had set camp in the atrium of the Library, waiting for someone to come up with some sort of solution. He savoured the moment, looking at all of the prey that was lying around, so vulnerable and unsuspecting.

A child bumped against him and fell to the floor. He helped her up, smiling. She looked at him with curiosity, almost as if she was trying to guess what was going on in his mind. But her mother, a woman with a thick accent who was taking care of another girl and a boy, called her, and she went back to her.

The Ram saw the whole family get reunited. He would take those lives, too. He studied the area and looked for weapons. He soon realized that very few of the present could actually perform more than basic magic, which made his job much easier. He just needed to avoid the Librarian.

He walked past her, and went unrecognised.


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