She advanced through the alleyway, knowing where she needed to go. She had not had any problems with the previous monsters, but these few had been… special. They had escaped her attack, but she had the suspicion that it was not because they could not handle it. It was because they were keeping their powers for later.

She looked at the bricks of the buildings around her. All of them red, all of them equal to each other. There was no signal as to where the creatures had escaped. She was, however, completely certain that they had gone into that street. They could not have gone anywhere else, considering what her attack had done to the neighbouring streets. She touched the third brick up, two across. There was no effect.

“Damn you, Rowling” she muttered to herself.

But then she focused, as her masters had taught her in her travels. Focus. There it was! She just had to walk through the wall, and she would get into the lair. She stepped inside, and found herself in total darkness. Something touched her hair. It had definitely been some sort of creature, she knew.

Without even saying a thing, without even moving a muscle, she created a burst around her. A small creature cried, almost like a dog, and ran deep into the tunnels. Interesting that they can survive that, she thought. She lit up the cavern with several powerful lights. There did not seem to be much going on there.

She stopped. She had heard a growl. And human shouts. A fight was going on, somewhere in the cave. She started to run , following the noises, which started to grow. She soon saw them, in a lower level of the cavern. A black woman and a Mediterranean looking man were fighting one of the small creatures, and a bigger one. The woman had some sort of sword, while the man was keeping the creatures at bay using his magic. The beast that she had blasted soon joined the fight.

She calculated the distance to the fighters. It would take her too long to get there if she just run through the cave. The fall was a good 30 metres. She jumped down, feeling the wind making her hair go wild. She did not shout. She just fell, and when she got to the floor, she stopped her fall with a blasting fistful against the ground. All of the fighters were thrown against the walls of the cavern.

When she stood up, she looked like a lion to the humans, ready to fight. The beasts recognized her power and tried to escape, but she blasted both escape routes. They were trapped inside with her. She burnt all three of the beasts.

“Why are they immune to every spell I throw at them?” she asked the humans, as she punched the biggest of the beasts against the wall, completely shattering the wall.

The black woman finally managed to talk. “They are not… mere lycanthropes. They can only be killed with Angelic power. This sword…”

“Give it to me! I’ll finish them! You guys are injured” she soon understood.

“But…” the woman spoke.

She punched both of the smaller beasts onto the floor. They were stuck there now, and she could finally speak to the other humans calmly. She approached the woman and asked.

“What’s wrong with the sword?” she asked.

“Only a person with a pure heart can wield it… The rest will die” the man explained.

She thought about it. “Then I will have to risk it”.

She took the sword, and felt a tingle in the hand that was holding it. The sword, however, seemed to be well-balanced, and quite responsive to her. She approached the bigger beast, which was moving again, though slowly. The beast looked at the sword with a strange feeling to its eyes, something that could be interpreted as fear.

“I’m sorry” she said. “It’s not about you. It’s about stopping the Apocalypse. I hope your soul will be saved, and that you will learn to forgive me for this”.

She put the sword through the beast and into the wall. The sword started to glow a pure white, and a huge white brilliant cross appeared in the wall, right behind the monster. The creature disintegrated, and for just a second, its soul was seen leaving the realm, purified. She then did the same thing with the smaller beasts.

She then went back to the two humans. “I’m sorry for the intermission. It looked like you guys needed some help there. I am Laurel. Let me help you with your wounds”.

While she started to treat them, the woman spoke. “I am Amanda, and this is Vee. Thank you for your help there, Laurel. We were in quite a tight spot there”.

“Vee… are you the guy who wants to run for Mayor?” Laurel asked.

“Yes, that’s me” he answered.

“I thought it was very brave of you to stop that serial killer. I read about it” Laurel complimented him.

“I had a lot of help. Also, it was nothing compared to what you’ve done today. That was impressive”.

“Thank you. I guess…” she doubted whether she should tell them, but then felt something coming from them, like she could tell them. “This is part of my mission. I have the ‘intuition’ that I have a purpose in the grand scheme of things, and needed to do this”.

Amanda widened her eyes. “This is uncanny! It’s the same thing with me!”

“Same here, too” Vee said.

“It’s like someone is playing chess in the universe, and we are the knights that need to protect the world. At least that’s how I feel” Laurel said.

They all nodded, knowing that they had to leave the cavern, and also knowing what would be waiting for them once they walked outside. They walked out of the cavern, like old friends who had recently been reunited.

The three crosses kept glowing, a shiny pure white.


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