Fragments of the Apocalypse

Into the monsters’ lair.

The Maiden and the Water-Bearer advanced with the Sword of Justice, looking for the monsters that had terrorized town. They had started their hunt for them, with the mission of cleansing those damned souls.

They had, however, spent way too long out of Fiery Creek, and they did not know. They had suspected that something was wrong, but they did not how wrong things were. They did not know, for example, that the hunt had been reverted.

They were not the hunters, they were the hunted.

So they advanced, deep into the monsters’ lair, always forward and attentive of any noise that could represent the presence of the monsters. They descended into the very pits of darkness, the Maiden and the Water-Bearer, unknowing of their true situation.

Meanwhile… the monsters watched. They stalked with a twisted look in their eyes, ready to fall on their prey. They could devour them at any moment, but waiting was half the fun of it. Waiting to enjoy the despair of those two humans who thought they could face the monsters…


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