Over one week into the Apocalypse, the rain of blood had not stopped. Fiery Creek was flooded, and strange occurrences were filling town. Most systems had come down. There was no newspaper, no information out whatsoever. Everything was being turned into nothing.

You walked into Main Square with a backpack full of supplies. You were floating over the water, like Jesus, or those ninjas – it is a widespread hypothesis that Jesus was actually a ninja -, protecting yourself from the rain. A butterfly flew towards you in the rain. It circled you.

“What are you doing here?” you asked.

“I am Denaestra, Harbinger of Death, Cleanser of Worlds. I was summoned here to end this world” it answered back in a deep voice.

“Oh” you pronounced, as you crushed it with both hands. You then burnt its corpse.

You almost did not see the scythe coming. You ducked in the last second, and started to run without looking back. You walked into the orchard of Main Square, running towards the Sacred Lemon Tree. You could hear Death galloping behind you, pursuing you with its scythe up. You ran to the fountain that channelled the lemon juice coming out of the tree, and found it pure, even in the rain of blood. You drank a gulp of it. It was acidic, but you kept swallowing. You turned to face Death.

“Do you think that will stop me?” it pronounced.

“I can only hope” you answered.

The scythe flew. It went through you, but you were unscathed. “Not bad” Death conceded. “But you do know that only grants temporary protection, right?”

You did not hear him out. Not like you were going to have a polite chat with Death. By the time he had realized, you were already halfway across Main Square, running towards the Library. Death followed. The Horseman of War soon joined, followed by the Horseman of Famine. Ba’al was waiting for you in the entrance.

War started to fire arrows at you, but Ba’al had you covered. War was enraged. “You! How dare you interfere! You know what the rules are!”

“You know, I’m supposed to be a fallen angel, or whatever, so fuck the rulebook” Ba’al responded. He then summoned giant thorns that caught the three Horsemen. He looked at you. “Are you OK?”

“Yes, I used the lemon juice to protect myself from that scythe. Thank you” you answered.

“You’re welcome. That was a good trick. Well done”.

“Oh, well… I’d hate to take the credit for that. I did not think about it myself. I just saw the nuns do it”.

“Good enough for me” Ba’al smiled.

You started the ritual to get into the Library. You descended 7 stairs, then went back up 3 stairs without looking back or down and recited your respective sonnets about death. As you started to play the maraca to the tune of Like a virgin, Famine managed to escape the thorns and started to gallop towards the Library. It did not know the rules towards getting into the building, so jumped onto you both… and got fulminated by the death ray.

Ba’al and you finished the song and got into as the other two Horsemen fought against the thorns and cursed their companion’s destruction. A crowd was waiting for you there. Erin and I approached first.

“How did it go?” Erin asked.

“Famine almost got us, but your security system obliterated it” Ba’al explained.

“Yes, I didn’t expect that. That was insane, Erin” you added.

“I am really proud of my Utter-Destructo-Power-Force-9000” she responded, blushing with pride.

“That makes it three of them now” I said.

“No, that makes it two of them” Ba’al corrected. “Death and War destroyed Pestilence”.

“Also, destroying the Horsemen will not stop the Apocalypse” Erin explained. “It will just allow us to move outside freely, and then we will have to see what to do”.

“No luck in your search, then?” Ba’al asked.

Erin shook her head. “We don’t have the kind of power needed to stop this”.

“Mamma…?” I suggested.

“Her power is not enough. You would need Mamma, the Author and the toaster to all collaborate to stop this” Erin sentenced.

“Damn…” I said. “What about you guys?”

“The Registry of Lost and Found seems to have been obliterated. I found all of Dominic’s body parts, dead. Deborah Peterson and the Machete of Doom have also been destroyed” you reported.

“I guess that gives us closure?” John asked.

“I don’t know. The Dark Magic had disappeared but… There was still a powerful presence there, John. Something beyond anything I have ever witnessed had been in the Registry” you explained, mysteriously.

“Maybe it was the toaster?” I hypothesized.

“No, I know what the toaster’s power is like. Remember, I was struck by it. This was completely different” you insisted.

Erin interrupted the conversation. “We will sort that out later. It’s good news, that means that the powers of destruction will be centred around the Fiery Creek General Hospital and the two surviving Horsemen. That is helpful… What about the witches, or the nuns…?”

“The Akelarre has disappeared. They’ve taken off, it seems. The nuns, on the other hand, are still in the abbey. They have somehow protected the whole thing and drink lemon juice from the Sacred tree to be immune to the attacks of the Horsemen” you explained.

“Is that true? Does that work?” Erin was surprised.

“I’ve tried it myself, and been saved from Death’s scythe” you said.

“OK, that’s something. I’ve thought about…” Erin started to explain her plan.

But at that point, you were not listening. You were scrutinizing the crowd of people, and you saw a silhouette disappearing. You realized you would have to be more careful.


“Sorry, yes, what about Town Hall?”


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