Fragments of the Apocalypse

A girl was walking through the empty town, using the night as a cover. The red rain and rivers did not unsettle her. They would have some time ago, but not anymore. She had learnt a lot.

She was carrying a backpack, and was looking for someone, or something. Whatever she could get, really. She was looking for an opportunity. An opportunity to stop that madness. A chance to stop the Apocalypse.

She walked next to the ruins, and wondered when that may have happened. The Registry of Lost and Found, which she had known so well and she had learnt to fear, was tore open, showing its entrails to the world.

She couldn’t help approaching. She just needed to take a peek. She needed the closure that they had not had a month and a half ago, something that helped her understand what they had all gone through.

Somewhere between the rubble she found them: two corpses and a broken sword. There they were. So that was what had happened. She took a deep breath. She did not have time for crying. She walked out.


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