Fragments of the Apocalypse

In the End of Time, only a librarian and a bar owner were trying to maintain what was left of society. Not an easy job, when your only safe haven is an alternate dimension and just coming out for scouting missions meant Death.

While he distributed water bottles, food and clothes, she was researching the Library City. Her limitless power allowed her to scout the infinite vault of knowledge in search of the clues that could help them end the Apocalypse. Whatever she found was impossible to do.

She went back to the Library, back to the survivors. That was the only safe building of Fiery Creek. Exhausted, she sat at the Library Desk. She took off her glasses, closed her eyes, covered her face with her right hand, and tried not to think.

He brought two plates of hot food, a couple of glasses of coffee, and sat next to her. They ate in silence, looking at all of the people who had found shelter in the Library. When they finished the food, she leaned against his shoulder, and he held her hand. They could only hope.


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