Fragments of the Apocalypse

A God turned Angel, turned Devil, turned Father, turned Protector, turned once and again, transformed into something new each time. All thanks to humans, and their inventiveness and spirit of renewal. Nothing was permanent in Earth, and even the crust that held life kept renewing… but maybe that was more interesting, wasn’t it?

And now, as all of it came to an end, as some cosmic purpose brought the world down to ashes, he had to wait. He had made a promise, a long time ago, that he would wait. That, on the Tenth day of the End, he would just be waiting until the time came for him to use his powers. And a few hours that should have felt like an instant to this eternal felt longer than eternity itself.

He could see it all. The rain of blood, the monsters, the creatures of the end of the World, roaming the town in search of poor souls to devour. It was disgusting. He was a protector of life, a protector of the cycle of time. That was what he had been. That was still part of his identity, and it made him sick to think that those creatures were there to destroy all of that.

But he had promised that he would wait. So he waited.


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