Important Sites of Fiery Creek 14: Creepypasta birthplace

One of the delights of summer is its late nights enjoyed with friends, eating snacks and telling scary stories under some sort of dim light. Another delight, specially for supernatural creatures, serial killers and cursed magical objects, is when the group of friends is scared shitless and the story told by the main character turns out to be true, and literally happens to the group of friends. It’s even funnier when everyone thinks it’s a joke and nobody believes the one who has told the story, who is seen as crazy and paranoid when they keep going about that creaking noise coming from the seemingly empty corridor, until the storyteller finally has to face the terror that he or she has spawned, alone, the monster revealing that all of the friends have been killed, and that there is no escape route.

Yes, all of that rubbish creepypasta that you’ve been reading on the internet is true. In fact, it all comes from Fiery Creek. Creepypasta is born naturally all around Fiery Creek, mostly through the intervention of the Fiery Creek General Hospital, but recently also due to the Registry of Lost and Found. Fiery Creek authorities are trying to get some sort copyright for all of the murder and mindfuckery that is being reported on the internet, but it’s quite difficult to regulate the internet – specially after the war in 2026.

Creepypasta happens randomly around time in the summer period. Certain factors have, however, been identified as to affecting your chances of being trapped in a creepypasta story while in Fiery Creek. This is just an extremely short version that only includes some of the main factors that increase your chances of being trapped in a creepypasta:

  1. Living in a house that is just too big for you or your limited number of relatives, far away from the city, in some sort of wild region.
  2. Being a woman who is alone.
  3. Being a man who is alone.
  4. Owning a pet.
  5. Not being able to leap through time to the next morning and having to go through the night.
  6. Having a child.
  7. Having several children.
  8. Being in a long distance relationship.
  9. Being in a long distance relationship while being an antisocial person.
  10. Being in a relationship and having friends around for dinner.
  11. Dim lights.
  12. Feeling safe after you have arrived home after crossing that dark street where the street lamp barely works.
  13. A night with a full moon.
  14. A night with no moon.
  15. Receiving a transplant from a dead person.
  16. Living in a dead person’s home.
  17. Speaking about a dead person.
  18. Telling a scary story.
  19. Doing anything that could create a chain of events that might, in some completely illogical and impossible way, create some sort of butterfly effect that will definitely get you and your loved ones killed in some horrible way.
  20. Staying home for the holidays.
  21. Going away for your holidays.
  22. Being a vegetarian.
  23. Eating meat.
  24. Having good luck with something, like winning the lottery.
  25. Being the only surviving victim of some sort of fucked up serial killer, as if you had survived another creepypasta, which will, of course, attract admirers of said serial killer that you barely escaped with your life, or some sort of revived version of him, or an angered version of him in a storyline in which, even though he took six shots to the head and his brain had gone everywhere, he somehow managed to survive, escaped before the police could come to see his body, and has been waiting for years, planning his revenge against the only victim that escaped him.

This is just the beginning of a list that contains more than 500 items. But there is one thing that is usually not included into this list. A thing that the old of this town know, but for some stupid reason have all decided to not tell anyone, because warning everyone would have been too easy and would have just saved way too many lives, because people would know what to avoid. But old fuckers decided that it was a better idea to “keep it secret”, because the knowledge “would be too much”, or whatever.

There is a place in town where all of this creepypasta is born. It all is born there, and then it spreads everywhere else in town. Those unidentified blue orbs that appeared when you started having visions of your dead fiancée? Yes, those are born at a certain point in town. We are still trying to pinpoint the exact point where this happens. We are drawing the network of evil magic that intersects into the creepypasta point. The area seems to be somewhere in the Petunia district.

So, if you are in town this summer, please make sure to check the above list to see whether you fulfil any of the above statements. And if you want to truly stay safe from the creepypasta… Listen to some Amy Winehouse music. It’s a proven method of survival.


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