History of Fiery Creek 14: A quiet period

Ba’al was patrolling Fiery Creek. He was vigilant all day and all night, particularly now that the Mayor had left the town for a vacation. Luckily, as a supernatural being, he didn’t need to sleep, so he could just keep going, unlike mortal creatures, most of which had evolved to sleep and get some rest for their bodies and minds.

He pondered these thoughts as he climbed all the way up to the Caliph’s Palace, now towering over the whole town, and looked at the horizon, searching for any kind of sign in the North, South, East or West. But only the gentle breeze of the early hours of the day and the first rays of sun, visible before the golden disc itself, dared to appear in front of the Prince of Hell that morning.

No Kitties, no troops from Hell, no Gods going crazy about these or that. Just silence.

Ba’al wondered how long it would last. He thought it would not take long before something happened and everyone was panicking, or even worse, complaining. Also, he was alone to deal with all of them. Sure, their numbers had reduced after the Kitties‘ attack, but they were more irritable than usual, and they would complain for anything and everything.

Ba’al heard a few steps approaching him from behind, as he kept looking towards the East. He knew whom it was, and wondered why the child was not in bed that early in the morning. But Diane just sat next to him, looking towards the horizon, too. She had left some space between him and her, as she knew that he was still getting used to this new situation.

Ba’al moved an inch towards Diane, unsure of how to do it. Diane then closed the gap between the two of them and leaned against Ba’al. Nobody said anything. It was just a moment of silence shared while looking towards the horizon, early at dawn. They both observed the sun as it started to appear in the horizon of the desert.

A rooster sang to signal the start of the day somewhere in town. This was followed by an alarm clock that was ringing at a volume that was way too loud. Several other signals followed, all across town, marking the start of a new day. But the streets were still silent, and the citizens of Fiery Creek were still at home, mostly unaware of the silence outside.

It was a calm day.


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