Weekly Fiery Creek, 07/08/2016

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are in town

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse arrived to Fiery Creek on Friday to negotiate about their scheduled riding on the month of October. The arrival has been accompanied by the usual rain of blood and dead animals that accompanies them when they ride together. Several buildings have been damaged due to this rain. For instance, Rita Saez, owner of the inn, declared that she now has to replace some windows and do some repairing on the roof. This contrasts with the homes of magic users, who had protected their buildings prior to the arrival, and didn’t suffer any damage. This is yet another social inequality created by the use of magic.

The Horsemen were called because the Apocalypse had been scheduled for October, which clashes with Fiery Creek’s Literary Week. The weather needs to be clear to be able to carry out the traditional outdoor activities of said week, and thus the Apocalypse happening that month was quite inconvenient. The Town Council would like to have the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride in November instead of October, which would allow for the Literary Week to be celebrated without problems.

The Four Horsemen were polite enough to answer the call from our Council and come to town. The Horseman of War didn’t look very well, and declared that a girl called Sun Burn had harassed it. According to Pestilence, War hasn’t been feeling very well ever since it lost the presidential primaries, and we should not take its words very seriously. The Horsemen have been, overall, quite polite with everyone in town, and their talks with the Council seem to go in the right direction.

This is mostly because, as Death has declared, “technically, by riding here all together we have already started the Apocalypse, so it’s not like anything or anyone is going to stand by October, really”. This just means that the Town Council has, yet again, fucked up pretty badly, so we guess reporting any more news is pointless, and we recommend you say goodbye to your loved ones and settle things with whatever gods, dead or alive, you choose to pray for before we all enter ibto the void of nothingness that death is.


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