History of Fiery Creek 13: Mary Clark takes a vacation

After the war against the Kitties and the first round against Satan, Mary Clark took a vacation. She was exhausted from the rebuilding effort, the fights, and all of the complaints that the citizens had placed. She announced that she would be leaving on the same day in which she took her suitcase.

“Are you sure that announcing it is a good idea?” Ba’al asked.

“It’s not. They will try to come for me. But it’s my duty”.

“Well… You don’t need to be so dutiful with these people. It’s not like they deserve it”.

“I know” Mary smiled. “Anyway, the street looks empty, so I should leave now”.

“Run for it. And enjoy!”

Mary opened the door, and looked at the seemingly empty street. She knew it wasn’t empty. There were several eyes checking on her behind curtains, and people waiting with weapons in the street corners, hidden from her, waiting to attack. She also saw a net, ready to catch her as she passed by, and could guess there would be other traps. She started to walk normally. A group of citizens came from around the corner, right behind her, and another one came from the front. She was surrounded.

Mary kept walking as they closed in on her. She started to walk over the net, and prepared a replacement spell. As she got to the centre of the trap, it got activated and it went up around Mary, trapping her. She released the spell just in time, and she was standing where the citizens in front of her had been, while they found themselves trapped in the net.

The citizens behind her started to run for her, and she noticed projectiles flying near her from the windows. She started to run, but was soon faced by some sort of monster that had been summoned by a group of citizens. She cut it in half with her machete and went through it. She kept running, avoiding her pursuers, until she started to feel her feet sink into the ground.

“Quicksand! Interesting way to slow me down. But it’s not enough!” she laughed.

She created a magic stand on her feet and propelled herself upwards. She was high above the town, and could see the citizens run towards her landing spot. “Such a tough crowd” she thought, as she came down with strength. The shock-wave of her landing threw the citizens flying all around her.

Mary stood up, looked around and breathed in for a second. She suddenly felt the floor collapse under her feet. Mary stopped her fall and found herself in a huge hole that the citizens had dug below the street. There were no stairs, no tunnels, or no other ways up. She was at least 50 metres down a hole, and could barely hear the citizens cheering. She had been captured.

“There must be a way out” she thought, looking around. She looked at the cracked walls, and she understood. She hit one of the walls with all of her strength, which cracked even more. She started to punch, helped with her magic, creating cracks that went all the way up the hole.

At first, the citizens in the street did not notice anything. But them some of them started to notice the cracks that had started to appear in the street. They tried to run, but it was too late. The hammering sound grew from a muffled ‘thud’ to strong booms. She had gone berserk. She was unstoppable now.

The street started to collapse under them, and into the hole. As the ground fell down, Mary climbed up, always up, relentlessly. They saw her approach, as they fell down, going up. She had an evil smile in her face. They were terrified. She finally reached floor level, and most of the citizens were trapped in the ground.

“Well, that was fun. Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going on my vacation, as I have announced earlier today. Have fun repairing this mess. See you all in a couple of weeks”.

She walked out calmly, and Ba’al smiled as he saw her go. She deserved it. He then went to the whole where the citizens were trapped and started to pull them all out of the ground.


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