Important Sites of Fiery Creek 12: Fiery Creek Abbey

So, if Fiery Creek General Hospital is not a place to treat the sick and the injured, where do people go when they have an illness? We’ve been told that most people in Fiery Creek use magic at home to heal the sick, but what if something happens to a tourist, or somebody who cannot use magic, or someone who refuses to use magic? Where do these people get treated?

Several readers have asked this completely legitimate question, and it’s time to answer it. Fiery Creek Abbey is the place where sick people get treatment for their diseases.

Fiery Creek Abbey is a late Gothic convent that got transported in time to its current position back in 1858. It is not known where this abbey comes from, but several clues point out that it is probably a Spanish abbey, as the buildings include French, Islamic and early Renaissance influences, and they have rose windows. Nobody has ever spoken to the nuns living there, not to disrupt their lives, but they have always given several services to the town.

The Abbey Hospital is next to the church, a limestone building where the nuns treat whomever needs their help. They offer this service for free, which has led to several investigations to discover whether there is any money laundering going on. There are a lot of questions: how could a bunch of nuns build such a complex set of buildings? Why would they suddenly appear far from their own country and time? Why would they offer free services? Many believe that this is a tax evasion scheme by which the nuns built the whole complex and then took it away in time just to avoid problems with their authorities.

The Abbey also has its own land, where the nuns grow fruit, vegetables and animals. They sell these products at the Fiery Creek Farmer’s Market, at a low price, and they provide most of the town with fresh food. Several of the other farmer’s have complained that the Abbey is using some sort of magic to grow their crops, and offer the food at a fraction of the market price, thus making it extremely difficult for them to compete. They have asked for some regulation against the nuns. This, however, is America, and real Americans believe that the government interfering with the invisible hand of the market is what communists would do, so the nuns have not been disrupted in their activities.

Overall, they contribute silently to the community, and it’s possible to see these nuns walking around town, running some errands, and sometimes even sharing a glass of lemon juice from the Sacred Lemon Tree in Main Square – which means that they are good, pure people, but also monsters for being able to swallow that thing without problems.


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