Ba’al had kept training and teaching you, but had some business to do outside town, so he gave you the weekend for self study. As you were reading through the books in the Magic section, you wondered if that was some sort of foreshadowing of what was going to happen. You were seated in a square in the very centre of the Magic section, in a table next to a fountain.

“You!” a familiar voice shouted.

You looked up and saw two women – well, you presumed it was two women, because the second figure was completely covered in bandages and seating in a wheelchair -, approaching you. You looked around and saw there was nobody else around, so guessed they were referring to you.

“Me?” you asked.

“Yes, you!” the one who was definitely a woman answered.

“What’s up?” you asked, slightly weirded out by the whole situation.

“You…! You!” she repeated.

“Yes, me. What’s your deal? What do you want?” you asked.

“You… you…” she was taken by rage and her eyes looked watery.

You tried to be patient. “I understand that you guys and I have some business or something. Right?”

Tears started rolling out of her eyes. Snot also started roll down her nostrils like a fountain. “You…” she sobbed.

You were extremely disgusted by the snot fountain. “This… this is a bit disgusting. When you can articulate some more we can talk. Also, here’s a tissue, though I think you may need a bucket…”

You sat down where you had been before and inspected the scroll. You scribbled down notes of spells in your notebook. Ba’al had recommended keeping a notebook with magical notes that might be useful for her. The healthy one looked at you in fury: you had disrespected and ancient tribal duel method which started with a river of snot, which from her perspective seemed unforgivable. She brought out a gun and shot seven times. She failed miserably. When you looked up you finally recognized who she was.

“Oh, you are Yvette Johnson, the director of the School for Adults”.

She growled. “Yes, Fan Dark, I’ve come for you. You thought I wouldn’t want revenge, didn’t you? You thought I would be too afraid of your power! But you burnt my precious Paula and disrespected my tribal customs for duel! This is too much!”

She charged against you with a longsword that was clearly too heavy for her. You just simply moved out of the way and saw her fall into the fountain. She struggled to get up and was trying to lift the longsword from the bottom of the fountain.

“Do you need help?” you asked, politely. You didn’t intend to fight her.

“I don’t need anything from you!” she shouted, as she pulled the longsword up.

The weight of the longsword was too much, and it fell on its tip. It sliced through the fountain, which cracked. The cracks started to extend all around the fountain, and the structure finally gave in to the strength of the water. A gigantic mass of water moved like a tidal wave through the whole library.

“What the…?” Yvette shouted.

“That fountain contains infinite amounts of water!” you explained. “It’s going to flood the Library City!”

“Yvette!” the wheelchair was being taken away by the current. She was soon out of sight.

“No! Paula!” Yvette shouted. Then, turning towards you. “This is all your fault!”

You were indignant. “How is any of this my fault? You were the one who broke the fountain!”

“It just is your fault!”

The tables and chairs were being carried away by the current. You looked at your stuff, and made it appear back home with a spell before everything got swallowed by the current. Controlling the longsword for the first time, Yvette jumped at you. You just barely moved away from her in a jump. The water was at waist level already. You climbed up a bookshelf.

“You little…!” she cursed as she tried to follow you up.

The longsword, however, was too heavy for her to be able to catch up with you, so she tied to follow from below. You tried to think about possibilities, but soon found out that the Japanese WW2 officials had done the same thing as you, and they were running towards you.

“Damn, not the Japanese. They know martial arts” you mumbled, as you run in the opposite direction.

Other survivors were imitating you all, and they were all gathering atop the bookshelves. And then you saw them. The people from Study Room 5, viciously slaughtering the people from Study Room 4. You knew they could sense your presence. You could perceive their bloodlust. Maybe if the Japanese met the people from Study Room 5… You waited between both forces, and when they were about to clash, you jumped into the water.

You submerged and used the spells that you had recently learnt to be able to breathe underwater. The current was getting strong, but it was still not unbearable, so you started to dive away. You had, nevertheless, made two terrible miscalculations. The first one, as you soon discovered, was that Yvette Johnson was still in the water, and following you. She slashed at you with all of her strength.

Having tried with Ba’al, most of the magic that you had learned up to that point related to the manipulation of nature. You slowed time to avoid the attack, and came up with a plan. The longsword was an enormous conductor, so you created a giant bolt of lightning that fried Yvette Johnson.

But then you realized of your second grave miscalculation. The people from Study Room 5 are vicious creatures that spare no lives, and had made an easy job of the Japanese soldiers. They had then jumped into the water, following you. You swam away, but they followed relentlessly, showing you their two rows of teeth and clawing at you with their large claws whenever any of them got near you.

Luckily, Erin pulled you out of the water and flew away in her broomstick. “Thank you!” you managed to gasp.

“You’re welcome” then, with a serious tone, she added. “I hope it has not been you who has destroyed the Fountain of Infinite Flow. Whomever has done it is going to get expelled from the Library”.

You gulped. “No, it was Ms Johnson, the director of the School for Adults, trying to attack me” you explained.

“Oh, God, Yvette. I knew we should never have given her a Library Card. Anyway, I’m going to clean up this whole mess”.

Using her power, she restored the fountain and and got rid of all of the water. She restored the books and bookshelves back into their unharmed state, she moved everything back in place, and sent the people from Study Room 5 back to where they came from. There were no Nazis, Japanese officers or people from Study Room 4 left to send back. Those would be safe paths now, at least for some time.



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