Important Sites of Fiery Creek 11: Caliph’s Palace

In the centre of the Old Creek District is the Caliph’s Palace. This building, which has already been mentioned several times, was used by the faerie Caliph that governed over these creatures of the desert before the arrival of Mary Clark to the area, when she slaughtered the whole faerie population and burnt their capital.

However, this Palace was not built by the faeries. They just simply adopted a building that had been standing in that position since the beginning of time – I mean, not exactly in that global position with respect to a set of global coordinates that apply to the whole universe, but in a set of relative coordinates that apply to the mobile tectonic plate over which the continent of North America and its ecosystems, wildlife, geological accidents, nations, cities and other human/humanoid/reptilian/pok*mon beings and constructions sit -, created by some unknown God that died without leaving a corpse behind – or just simply moved out of town, or went on an extremely long vacation and is about to come back soon – and who apparently had some sort of fetish for materials with shape memory, as he used them all over the palace. This is completely unrelated to what outsiders call shape memory, and it just means that the materials go back to where they should even when the building gets completely obliterated. This created some interesting effects; for instance, when the Kitties obliterated the town, the Palace rebuilt itself in its original position, about 50 metres above the crater’s floor, from where it fell down to the crater floor, getting completely shattered, and then rebuilt itself again, going into a cycle that did not stop until the citizens of Fiery Creek filled the space below the Palace with earth. This is the reason why the Palace is in an extremely steep hill that towers the town.

The Caliph’s Palace was used until 1857, in the last attack of town that Hell’s Forces somehow managed to perform. In that occasion, Mary Clark and and Ba’al somehow managed to trap some demonic abomination into the halls and left it there to rot for the next few millennia. This, of course, created the need for a new Town Hall to be built, which took about 16 years – most of this time was spent fighting over which style the building should have, and the building was actually built in about three hours and forty seven seconds.

It would be a delight to be able to explain what is contained in the building, but it is impossible to access it, as Mary Clark, Mayor of town, made sure to seal the Palace both ways so that whichever infernal creature is trapped in there cannot get out of that place by any means. This means that there is an absurdly large building in the middle of town that has the best views of the whole region that nobody can access. Utter nonsense, like everything else in this whole town.

So, if you want to have a nice view of town and feel the crippling fear that the demons inside the Caliph’s Palace are going to infuse onto you just by looking at the building, do climb the stairs all the way to the Caliph’s Palace.

And, maybe, just for the sake of foreshadowing – I am the Author, so this is allowed! -, maybe even try to open the entrance to the Palace. You never know, maybe you somehow manage to open it, and then you can tell us what you saw inside.


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