History of Fiery Creek 11: Annihilation

“Thank you so much. Now that the Orchard designed by the Ancient has been protected, I need to save the rest of the citizens” Diane said.

“It’s going to be dangerous” the other child responded.

“I know. But with great power…”

“I know, I know. Copyright lawyers can travel through space and time, and we wouldn’t want them to come around”.

Diane nodded. She jumped over San and ordered him to run as quickly as possible. They arrived to the town in a breeze. Most of it was in ruins, and the fight was still ongoing in the sky. San avoided the most dangerous areas and, as discreetly as a giant coyote can, sneaked into the Caliph’s Palace. The few survivors that were left in the town had gathered there. Merlin was protecting the whole structure.

“We need to go!” she shouted. They all looked at her. “There is safe place to the South of the town! This place is going to get destroyed soon!”

They all started to complain.

“Look Diane, a child like yourself…”

“You have no idea…”

“We’re safe here…”

It was too much. There was no time. Diane cursed, but she knew that was the only way to do it. She concentrated her power, and her eyes went violet. She controlled the living and the dead, all of them, including Merlin.

“One has to take over everyone’s minds to be able to do anything…” she commented to San. San nodded, understanding her problems.

Using Merlin’s magic to protect them, Diane took them to the Orchard. When they got there she was exhausted from protecting the place and from hijacking everyone’s minds. Everyone should be startled, but they were used to weird stuff happening to them, so they did not say much. That was not the weirdest thing that had happened to them. Merlin approached Diane.

“That was some incredible magic…”

“There is no time, old man” she cut. “You are fully energized. You have to go help Ba’al and Mary”.

“Hey, watch that attitude!”

“If you don’t do it I will force you to do it” Diane stated, concentrating her power. Her eyes went violet again.

“OK, no need to force anyone” Merlin had understood the warning. He left.

Meanwhile, in the battlefield, the Infernal Troops were keeping the Kitties at bay. The brutal fight was affecting mostly the Kitties, who won in numbers, but had difficulty keeping up with the respawning of some of the Infernal Troops. They started to head back to the mothership. Satan did not see it coming.

“They are retreating!” he cheered.

Ba’al was flying towards the battlefield with Mary Clark in arms. He saw the swarm of Kitties return to the mothership, suspiciously. Before they got to the town, a giant beam of energy descended from the mothership. It covered the vhole town, and obliterated it in a matter of mere seconds. Ba’al and Mary watched with horror.

“No! The citizens!”

Diane knew that the barrier would be enough to stop it, but still prayed. The beam of light and energy clashed against the barrier, trying to penetrate it. The barrier held the power and even started to dissipate it towards the sides. The citizens that were left looked at Diane in awe as she faced the light.

The city had been destroyed. Not even rubble was left, only a crater that indicated that the town had been there and it had been attacked by the Kitties. Satan and his troops had been damaged pretty badly by it. Some Kitties descended to check the status. They only saw the Infernal Troops.

“Well, time to get rid of this planet” one of them said.

They went back to the motherhsip. Satan saw the ion cannon charging up. Was that how Judgment Day had to be? Did he have to be destroyed by a buncyh of space Kitties that wore a ridiculous war make up? He closed his eyes, and did not see the three figures flying.

Merlin had joined Ba’al and Mary. “The citizens are safe in Diane’s Orchard!”


“Diane took them all to safety. They did not die”.

“Good! Then let’s get this going! They have destroyed so much public property that my power has spiked!” Mary shouted. They shot up like an arrow against the ion cannon. The Kitties that were turning back to the mothership saw them.

“Don’t let them approach the ion beam cannon!” one of them ordered.

They all swarmed around Ba’al, Mary and Merlin. “I’ll take care of them” Merlin shouted, as he stayed behind and started to kill them.

Ba’al and Mary darted through the swarm, up. As they were approaching the beam, Ba’al asked. “Together?”

“Together” Mary answered firmly.

They both held Mary’s machete and, just a second before the cannon fired, they striked in one powerful attack. Their energies and the cannon’s energy went out of control, destroying the whole mothership in an enormous explosion of light. A mushroom shaped cloud went up the atmosphere. The mothership had been destroyed, and the majority of the Kitties had been annihilated. Ba’al and Mary descended to help Merlin.

“That was impressive!” Merlin shouted, as they finished off the last few ones.

“I know” Mary said, proudly.

Ba’al looked at her. “You mean we know, right?”

“I’ve said I know. I mean, let’s be honest, it was my machete that gave the final blow”.

“With both of our strengths!”

“I didn’t feel that much power coming from you…” Mary stated.

“How dare you…!” Ba’al was shocked.

Mary pulled his cheek. “I’m just joking! We’ve done it together, of course”.

He showed her the tongue, like a three year old kid. Merlin laughed. When they descended to the crater, they saw that the Caliph’s Palace was somehow rebuilding itself. Satan had healed, and was waiting for them with his troops, quite diminished when compared with previous numbers.

“Well, as I promised, I’m here to take Ba’al with me” he said. “Now, please, hand him over or die”.

Mary Clark did not appreciate the demand. “Really? You are more persistent than a suitor in love with the family’s money!”

“But Ba’al and I are in love! He wants to come with me!”

Ba’al interfered. “Well… This is a bit awkward, but… Technically, I have only acknowledged the existence of your feeling. I have not stated that I have any feelings myself. And I have absolutely no intention of going back to Hell”.

What?” Satan did not like that comment at all.


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