It had been a while since you had last been to the library. You had been busy with with all of the town’s events and learning about magic with Ba’al. It was non-prime day, so you already had the sonnet that was necessary to get in. You went to the library desk to greet Erin.

“Good morning!”

“Good morning, Anne. It’s been a while” she greeted back, with a smile.

“Yes, I was going to say, we haven’t seen each other since the event of the Registry of Lost and Found… which, by the way, keeps sending messages”.

“Yes, that was quite unexpected” Erin seemed to have been surprised by that.

“It’s even weirder considering that the toaster is there, but Dominic’s head was not mentioned” you commented.

“Yes… I guess we’ll have to monitor that place… Anyway, let’s change the topic to something happier. How have you been doing?” she asked.

“I’ve been learning magic with Ba’al!” you said happily.

“Really? How did that happen? The old devil has not been very communicative for the last century” Erin seemed curious.

“My magic was going out of control, and he offered some help. Oh, that reminds me…” you put your hand in your bag and brought out a small amulet. “I won’t be needing this anymore. Ba’al said I should be able to face the dangers of the Library City by myself”.

Erin was a bit taken aback. “Are you sure? The Library City is quite dangerous”.

“Ba’al said this would be my test” you said firmly, offering the amulet.

“It seems that you and I need to do a lot of catch up from the last two weeks” she commented, as she took the amulet and saved it in a small wooden chest with silver decorations.

“I’m available. Would you like to meet tomorrow for dinner?” you suggested.

“No, I’m having dinner with John tomorrow. You know, he is getting all romantic” she smiled.

“Oh, have fun, then! I only hope that the Egyptians don’t spoil the whole thing for you” you answered.

“Don’t worry about that, it’s not like Khêops and his troops are going to be that big of a deal. He says he is declaring war to this town, but I’m sure that everything will be resolved by Town Council’s prize-gala event”.

“We could meet before the event. I mean we all have to go anyway”.

“That actually sounds like a good idea. We can go to the Parallel Reality cafeteria and get something there” Erin proposed.

“Good! Meet you at 16:00 at Main Square?”

“Yes. Now good luck when you go into the Library City!” Erin wished, still a little bit worried.

“Thank you!” you said, as you turned around to face the door.

You stepped in front of the door, which started to look into you. While you waited, a man arrived and approached you. You thought he was just going to wait in line, but he started to talk to you instead.

“Hey, I know we don’t know each other but, mind if we go inside together? It should be safer for both of us” he asked.

You looked at him. He was about 15 centimetres taller than you were, and he had brown eyes and dark hair. You had met him before. “I think we’ve met before…” you commented. “Could it be…? Were you part of the survivors fighting the Eldritch abomination?”

“Oh. Yes, I was. Now that I think about it, you were there too, right? In the tunnels” he asked.

“Yes, I was. I am Anne” you shook his hand.

“Call me Vee” he responded, shaking your hand fondly. “It’s a nickname” he explained.

There was a bit of anwakward silence. The door was examining you both like a bored housewife from a housing development in the suburbs looks at a fresh piece of gossip for the first time, ready to be the first one to spread it all over. You blushed a little bit, and tried to break the ice. “So… what brings you here?”

“Well… I want to be the Mayor of the town, but the Town Council is extremely corrupt and won’t accept any other candidate apart from their own. I want to do some research to take them down. I mean, I could potentially bring them down with army that I’ve been building and some dark magic, but I want to explore every possibility”.

“That’s interesting” you said. “I mean, I cannot vote for you because I’m not a citizen of this town, but if I could help in any way…”

“It’s OK, don’t worry. I’ll find a way to get that nomination”.

“I hope you do” you smiled. He blushed.

The door was still closed, examining you, but Erin gave it a serious look from the library desk. It finally opened to let you in. After you both had crossed into, Erin talked to the door. “I know they make a cute couple, but don’t force it with all of your gossip”.

You read a sign that said “Door 5”. There were two corridors in front of you, both of them inoffensive at first look, but you knew they were dangerous. That was what the Library City was actually like without the amulet. Wearing the amulet it had been a normal place, with normal knowledge and normal visitors. But now she was in a dimension full of dangers and knowledge.

“I hope you do not have to go to the Botany section” Vee commented.

“No, I need to get some books from the Magic section and then I’m going to the Archive” you answered.

“I’m going to the Law section, which is next to the Archive. We could go together” Vee proposed. “Well, I mean, if you don’t mind”.

You smiled. “I don’t know the place very well, so I’d be glad if you showed me around”.

He could barely contain his emotion. “Well, let’s defeat some nazis, then”.



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