Registry of Lost and Found, 14/07/2016

This is a message from the Registry of Lost and Found. In the last month, the following objects have been left in our care:

  • An explosion larger than the largest of fusion nuclear bombs, frozen in a constant time field. The energy is piling up into a very small space. If freed, it could destroy half the continent.
  • Ashes from a destroyed magic wand, being inspected by two overzealous copyright lawyers. They seem to be taking way too many notes. They don’t respond to any name or call.
  • The corpse of Deborah Peterson, this time dead for real.
  • A pair of legs running around and stumbling against everything, carrying part of a body around. Looks like a decapitated chicken.
  • A torso that is trying to carry itself around by pulling itself with the arm. Unlike the other half of its body, it looks more like a worm that has been run over by a car.
  • A toaster.
  • The Machete of Doom, abandoned in the middle of a pile of rubble.
  • A crack into the very being of reality, an opening in space and time, a wound against common sense, from which a bit of Everything is sipping into the Registry of Lost and Found. The crack is growing at a rate of 1 inch every two weeks.

These and other objects can be found at the Registry of Lost and Found. If you have lost any object, please, come visit us at the Old Creek district, next to the Caliph’s Palace.


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