Neighbours of Fiery Creek, 07/07/2016

This is a public space to send messages to neighbours, to strengthen our community bonds and resolving our disputes. No form of violent comments will be tolerated, so refrain from sending them to this forum. Thank you.

From admin. The site went down yesterday. There were several unexplained problems and the piskies somehow managed to destroy our hard drives. After panicking for several hours over how to explain this problem and solve it, the coffee guy suggested we check the backup. Now we are running on safe mode, trying to discover what the problem actually was. You better be patient or else we will just stop doing this.

From Elias_2. This is Elias. My previous account has been deleted, you can now contact me through this one.

From Tina. Hey, the site went down yesterday, right? @admin

From admin. Yes, @Tina. Please, read the comment that starts this thread.

From Sean. @Tina is the town’s turtle.

From Greg_Fer. Piskies, you say. Another of those unnatural magical phenomenons that should be banned from this town. They were probably used by some of the magic user of this town.

From Jude. You are so right, @Greg_Fer. People like Mamma Luca and John Fier are running this town with magic and terror. But it’s townsfolk like @D and @Greg_Fer who are the real heroes of this town. Let’s get back control!!!

From Elias_2. This comment has been deleted for containing a racial slur.

From Tina. You mean because I’m strong and resistant, @Sean? 😀

From Sarah. Not really, @Tina…

From Alex. That makes no sense, @Jude. Magic happens in our town whether we use it or not. These people have saved town from complete disaster several times. Show them some respect.

From Jude. @Alex you are one of those people who believe the lies of the establishment. They have brainwashed you all of your life into believing that you need them. See the facts. We are better off without them.

From Rita. I have nothing against Mamma Luca, John Fier, or any other magical user, but to be fair, I have to agree with @Greg_Fer and @Jude. Magic is bad for my business, and I’d rather there were no magic users in town.

From Alex. @Jude, like how they got rid of the Eldritch abomination, or sealed off the Registry of Lost and Found? Those are only two examples of the last few weeks. Give them the credit they deserve.

From Alex. @Rita, how can you say that? You are a magic user yourself, and most of your clients come from magic time travelling!

From Rita. @Alex but I choose not to use magic. Also, if those magical tourists don’t come, others will.

From Elias_2. This comment has been deleted for graphic insults against trans-alligator people.

From Alex. But no other tourists will come! If you don’t get magical tourists your business will die out, @Rita! Don’t you understand?

From Jude. @Rita, don’t believe the lies that @Alex is spreading. The truth is that magic users only harm town.

From Jenn. How can you say that, @Elias_2? That is so insensitive! I feel so sad that there are still people like you.

From Liza. Don’t bother, @Alex. Theze people won’t lizten.

From Alex. But then it will be like Brexit all over again, @Liza! We have to say something!

From Elias_2. This account has been deleted by the administrator.

From A. Most of you probably won’t see or even remember this message. I’m sorry about the recent events in town. Reality is being messed up with. Yesterday’s problems with this site were also part of it. Dangerous times are coming, and great challenges are coming forward. Be brave.


One thought on “Neighbours of Fiery Creek, 07/07/2016”

  1. John Fier, now you are back form the Registry of Lost and Found you totally should adequate your garden to the regulations of Petunia District. Due to your incident (or excuuuse) in the Registry, legal actions were delayed. However, if you don’t change it before the next Wednesday I’m taking this matter to the court.

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