Fiery Creek Public Service Announcements, 06/07/2016

The following Public Service Announcement has been made public by Town Council on the 6th July 2016. Its aim is to let citizens know that:

  1. We are glad to announce that the survivors of Town Council are finally back. Only five of us have survived. Most of Town Council’s officers died during a private Wild Kraken Hunt event, having a lot of fun killing Krakens and other sea creatures. We hope this is of some relief to the families of those who died. Some of the others died while escaping from Mayor Laura García when she went on a killing spree. They died horrible deaths, most of them tormented and tortured until the very last moments of their existence. They probably deserved it.
  2. The Council is going to take this opportunity for a downsize operation. The amount of officers in Town Council had spiralled out of control – mostly because everyone got jobs for brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers in law, sisters in law, first cousins, second cousins, third cousins… -, with almost 4000 seats in Town Council before we went on our holiday to Barbados. The number of officers is going to be taken down to 12, a number more adequate for the size of our town.
  3. The remaining 7 Town Council seat holders are going to be selected, kidnapped and brainwashed into it in the coming weeks. So, if anyone notices any kind of disappearance in their families or groups of friends, do not worry, it is probable that your relative has been selected to be a leader of the town. This does not mean that you or your loved ones will not be kidnapped by some Japanese anime company to dub their characters. It may happen. Better be careful.
  4. Much as we have tried to eliminate this rule, there has been absolutely no way to find a bypass – damn you, Mary Clark, for impregnating the town law with powerful magic! -, so we will have to hold elections to decide on a Mayor. Thus, the period of time to announce that one is a candidate for the election has now started. Once this ends, there will be a three month electoral campaign that will lead to the election, where the whole Town will choose for a Mayor. But, as this is a power hungry Town Council, we will try to reverse this so that we can get absolute power, so expect some changes to this.

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