Important Sites of Fiery Creek 9: Fiery Creek Police Station

The Fiery Creek Police Station is headquartered between the Petunia District and the Old Creek District. But it has not always been there. It used to be located in the Southern part of the Old Creek District, near Main Square, where they could service the whole town in a matter of minutes. However, due to the existence of the Neighbourhood Watch in the Petunia District, that neighbourhood had, by far, the most incidents in the whole town, so it was more convenient to move to a location nearer to the Petunia District.

This, however, created an unexpected effect. Knowing that the police could get to her home in about 5 minutes encouraged Doris to report even more incidents than in the past, until the event known as the Red Week that happened in July 1997. At that point, Doris’ reports increased exponentially and got to a peak value of 7 reports per second. Both the police force and the telephone lines were overwhelmed by this activity, and the neighbours started riots that increased Doris’ report rate even more, until half the neighbourhood went down in flames.

The Police Station was, surprisingly, built in a very functional way. No trap doors, no weird spells, no special conditions to be able to walk in. This was part of the modernization plans of the 80s, which created a groundbreaking easy to access building, where nothing is to be feared. Citizens of Fiery Creek have complained at the excess of functionality ever since.

The Police force, on the other hand, was very happy to be able to efficiently exert the reign of terror that Doris Waters and the Town Council were trying to enforce in our Town. This led to several attempts to destroy the Police Station throughout the 90s, and the marks of the fire of 1994 are still visible. That was the nearest that a group of citizens has ever been to destroying the building. All of the perpetrators were taken to the Gulag in the outside of town, but were already used to this kind of treatment, so did pretty well.

The building not only serves for the service of town, but also to train an ellite police force that can handle any situation. Thanks to the extensive training that the policemen receive – which, apparently, includes sniping -, their reported success rate has consistently been over 110% for the last 21 years. They Police has proudly kept town’s crime and non-crime, and only in the Red Week of 1997 could they not handle the crime. Well, there was also the Bloody Christmas of 1999, and the Sydney 2000 Olympics. And also the 10 year War between 2002 and 2012, and the war between cats and dogs from 2012 to 2016, and the black mamba gang…

The Police Station is completely empty right now. Some time before the Eldritch abomination appeared in town, but after the incident in which Doris’ house exploded, the Police force went silent and, when investigating what happened with it, it was discovered that nobody was there. A witness reported that they saw a man go into the Police Station with a giant sack of biscuits before the Police disappeared. Either way, the citizens of Fiery Creek are elated by the news, and are planning to celebrate with a giant party that will go on for three days.


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