History of Fiery Creek 9: First Battle

The Kitty looked at Ba’al. Its fluffy face had absolutely no expression.

“A Prince of Hell… Interesting…”

Ba’al made his emerald cloak disappear, and his leather armour appear. It would allow for a lot more movement, which suited his fighting much better. Meanwhile, the Kitty brought out some accesories. It combed itself and put on a red dress over its armour. Ten it put on some make up, including blood red lipstick and blusher on each cheek. It also added mascara to its eyes. It looked like a cheap harlot that could not do its make up properly, or had been doing too much cocaine to care. The cuteness effect wore off the moment it started putting on the make up. Ba’al could not help laughing. The Kitty seemed offended.

“What? You laugh? This is our battle painting! I’m getting ready to slaughter you all!”

“Hahaha I’m laughing so much I… I cannot breathe…” Ba’al’s laugh was contagious. All of the people around started to laugh with him.

The Kitty started to get red. It was being mocked, by mere humans. It clenched its fluffy paws, which went blue from the lack of blood moving in. The head’s temperature started to increase. When it had gone past the critical point, Ba’al stopped laughing and moved at an incredible speed to get everyone out of the way. The Kitty‘s head exploded with shame. The head exploding was a common theme with this race when they died.

“Ba’al, hop on! There are four more!”

He turned around. Diane, Merlin and Mary were riding a giant coyote. He jumped without hesitating and held onto the beast’s fur.

“There are two pairs of them” Mary shouted. “The first pair is near the Revenant District, and the second one in the new Petunia District. The new district has priority, the undead will not suffer from the attack. Take us there first, Diane”.

It did not take them long to get there. They were advancing frontally against the Kitties. Each of them had a laser beam, which they fired without a second thought against the coyote. Mary and Merlin jumped, the first with her machete in hand, the second one with a magic staff that he had produced magically, and each of them reflected one of the beams.

Diane turned the coyote and San, Diane and Ba’al headed towards the Revenant District. The Kitties looked up at their challengers. These ones did not seem as secure as the scout that they had faced before. The moment Mary and Merlin stepped towards them, they both fired. They defended like before.

“Seems like this two prefer a long range battle… How is your magic?” Mary asked.

“It’s fine” Merlin answered, holding the staff with one hand and producing a gun with the other one.”What about yours?”

“I’m fine” Mary produced a spear.

Both Kitties attacked again, this time concentrating on Mary Clark. She created a protective Faerie Incantantion, which overlapped with one of Merlin’s spells.

“They are playing hard” Merlin commented, as they stopped another attack.

“They are attacking with quick and powerful attacks so that they can keep us entertained. Probably have reinforcements in their way” Mary said.

“Any ideas?”

“Can you hold both beams with your spell? That should give me an opening”.

“Can do”.

They attacked Mary again. Merlin just barely managed to output the same amount of energy to stop the double blast. The moment the enrgy started to dissipate, Mary threw the spear against one of the Kitties, piercing through its head, which exploded, sending Mary’s spear back. She captured it with her free hand. The other Kitty, panicking, started a continuous beam against them.

“Merlin, the reinforcements are coming. Start with those. I will finish this one quickly”.

Merlin left, and Mary advanced against the beam using a magic Faerie shield. She just walked towards the Kitty, slowly. When she was at arms reach, she just sliced its head in half using the machete. She then heard a noise up in the sky. When she looked up, she saw them. Hundreds of them.

Meanwhile, Ba’al and Diane got to the Revenant District, and were surprised to find four Kitties instead of two.

“You don’t have to fight if you don’t want to, Diane” Ba’al said. “You are just a child”.

“You need my power for this battle, Ba’al. Let’s do this. San, go”.

The giant coyote charged at lightning speed against the four Kitties. Two of them managed to get out of the way, but the other two were hit and thrown against a house. They went through the house. The ones who had evaded the attack then directed their blasters against San. Ba’al got in the way and stopped both bolts. He concentrated them both in his hands, and then blasted back, destroying one of the Kitties. Diane jumped in front of the other one, as she would do while playing, extending her arms in a broad movement. The Kitty exploded.

“What was that supposed to be?” Ba’al asked, laughing.

“A destruction spell” she explained, without understanding Ba’al’s tone.

The two Kitties started to move inside the house. Ba’al summoned giant and strong vines and plants to close every possible exit from the house. He only left the top of the house open, and then, concentrating his power – as he had done thousands of years ago for the last time -, he blasted an enormous bolt of lightning against the house. The plants were all charred, and they saw the corpses of the Kitties.

“That’s it with these Kitties” Ba’al commented. “Is everyone OK?”

“Yes. Also, thank you for saving San” Diane said.


The Prince of Hell’s words were interrupted by what he saw at that moment. Hundreds of Kitties were descending from the mothership into the town. The battle had just barely started.


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