Erin appeared in the Circle. She had known that all of this was eventually going to happen, but now that it was actually happening, she was a bit nervous. She knew it was not going to be harmful, she knew it was just that they needed her power, that it was for the greater good…

There were three of them, surrounding her. The first one spoke.

“Can you confirm that you are Erin Pyp?”

The second one continued. “And can you say that you know why you are here?”

Erin inhaled air. “I am Erin Pyp, I know why I’m here, and I agree with what we are going to do”.

“That is true” the third one stated.

All three of them nodded. Everything was correct and nothing else was needed. Erin gulped. They were going to start. The three of them put their hands up, and chanted in a language that somehow seemed familiar to Erin, but that she had never heard. She knew she had heard about it, to a traveller that had found the Library City long ago, long before Fiery Creek was founded…

Drops of power filtered from the earth, up into the sky. They gathered into small spheres that started to circle at a quick speed. As they moved down, their speed increased, and the circle that all of the spheres were making became tighter, until all of the spheres joined over Erin’s head.

She felt the power of the Sacred Lemon Tree. It was immense, greater than any power that she had ever felt. It was not hers, yet it had been bestowed upon her. She had to use it. For a few moments, she would be Ruler not only of the Library City, but also of the whole multiverse.

The reality of the Library City crushed against this reality, and Erin felt it. She had absolutely no limits, nothing that she could not do. She started to guide the Sacred Lemon Tree’s power to extend her own area of influence to the whole multiverse. For a second, she was omnisapient and omnipotent. She knew everything, and could do anything. It was just a second, but for an omnipotent being… that was an eternity, really.

And she saw it. The plan was flawed. They had failed to encompass the needs of all of those realities. They had chosen the plan that seemed to have the best results for the Earth, but they had failed to interpret Diane’s predictions…

They had chosen a “safe” path with a bad ending. Erin saw it: a path that would be full of hardship and sacrifice, but a path that would bring victory. She locked the variables that she needed to. The rest did not matter, really. She ended the ritual, and came back to normal reality. The Library City was back where it should be, not crashing against this reality.

“Did you choose the right path?”


“That is true” the third one stated.

And it really was.


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